Civil Engineering and Architecture

Topics Include:
Project Planning:
Students will gain an overview of civil engineering and learn about site selection, regulations, zoning, covenants, and environmental factors

Site Planning:
Students learn about lot layouts, public ingress/egress, utility corridors, building size and orientation, site grading, landscaping, utilities, project approval process
Building Design: Plan development, floor plans, elevations, building systems, building load requirements, foundations, utilities and systems

Project Implementation:
Construction management, selecting contractors, bonding, scheduling, permits, change orders, inspections

Projects include topics of:
- Cost Analysis
- Energy Efficiency
- Storm water analysis
- Water supply
- Plumbing
- Electrical Systems
- Waste-water management
- Affordable housing design
- Universal design
- Land Use and Development
- Commercial building components
- Structural Design
- Steel deck
- Precast concrete floors
- Steel joints
- Structural steel beams
- Spread footings
- Services and Utilities
- Energy Codes
- Electrical systems
- Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning systems
- Waste-water management
- Site Considerations
- Land surveying
- Soil analysis
- Road design
- Parking lot design
- Storm water management
- Site grading
- Project management