ESL Program Overview

We are the office that serves English Language Learners at New Trier High School. Each school year, we serve students from countries across the globe-some new to the United States, others who have been attending school in the U.S. for a few years. We serve these students in several ways:

  • We offer ESL courses in a variety of subjects (see list below), that provide specialized instruction to develop all areas of language proficiency, including building academic vocabulary, developing oral language.
  • We also monitor student performance in all classes through low scholarships and send biannual progress reports.
  • We have a staff of instructional assistants to help students who are struggling with language proficiency problems in mainstream classes as well as providing help with understanding the New Trier culture such as understanding instructions and arranging teacher-student contacts.
  • We provide support to teachers on finding effective teaching strategies for teaching ELL students
  • We provide all staff with translation services, either via telephone.
  • We assist ELL students and their families by parent support groups and an ESL College Night program.
  • We assess students' English proficiency levels, administer state testing for ACCESS and PSAE tests. We also offer supplemental ACT preparation courses based on student interest.
  • We conduct placement and scheduling of the student's ESL classes (usually English, social studies and science). The adviser and family makes decisions about other mainstream classes for ELL students.