About Department of Technology

Location: Room 213, Winnetka Campus
Phone: 847.784.2334
Fax: 847-835-7795

Technology is having an impact on every aspect of modern life. Computers can be found in nearly every office, home, and auto shop. If we are to prepare New Trier students for the offices, shops, and homes they will enter after graduation, computers and related instructional technologies must be an integral part of the teaching and learning process.

A vision statement should be a reflection of the beliefs and aspirations of the organization involved in the visioning process. The New Trier technology vision has been shaped by the following groups: New Trier's Technology Planning Committee (TPC), the Technology Task Force of the District's Strategic Planning Committee, and a representative community group consisting of parents, business people, public librarians, and vendors.

One of the key components of the mission statement of the Technology Strategic Planning Task Force was that students must be able to "use technology to create their own knowledge'". The strategic planning task force went on to add that New Trier must create "an environment where technology will transform the teaching and learning process as well as the operations of the entire school community." It is this last powerful statement that has been converted into a mission statement for technology by the Technology Planning Committee.