Team Responsibilities

Two things make membership in the New Trier Rowing Club different from other sports programs:

1. The team is larger

As a member of the NTRC, your circle of responsibility expands beyond your teammates, coaches, and school. It includes another group that is critical to the operation of the Club. A large and dedicated group of volunteersphysically provide the support that helps run the Club and enable the team to compete. Beyond contributing money and expanding the cheering section, this group runs the board, hauls the trailers, sets up the tents, shops for the food, handles logistics, etc. ... and organize, document, and execute a transition plan so that next year's team can enjoy the same opportunities and the same level of support.

2. The stage is national

Perhaps the most important difference is that you travel to remote locations to compete in national events. Participants in these events come from high schools, colleges and universities, and club teams from all over the country and all over the world.

... and that brings the additional responsibilities of representing New Trier on a much larger stage and in front of a broader and more diverse group of people than many other sports teams.

These circumstances make adhering to the New Trier Extracurricular Code at once a bit more cumbersome and a lot more important.

More than taking a bus to a conference school, you represent New Trier in many new and unfamiliar situations and locations - including in airports, on airplanes, in hotels, in restaurants, etc.

You will often be among the first and perhaps the only representative of New Trier to come in contact with these new communities of people - it may be your actions alone that they will associate with New Trier.

As a result, our reputation is truly in your hands.

Therefore we depend upon each and every member of the NTRC to have the maturity to demonstrate integrity, respect, and class in these unique situations as well as in your own backyard.

So in fact, you make the difference.