Senior Instructional Leadership Corps (SILC)

The Senior Instructional Leadership Corps (SILC) is designed to extend the premise of the Senior Helper program into the classroom by offering qualified seniors the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities associated with classroom instruction. Students in SILC will engage in leadership development through multi-purpose mentor relationships with teachers. Students are mentored by a cooperating teacher and serve as mentors to other students in the classroom. Participants work in a classroom with a mentoring teacher 2-5 periods a week, assist in whatever curricular activities the teacher considers appropriate, and keep a weekly journal of their experiences. Regular seminar meetings with the SILC coordinators and mentor teachers utilize discussion, readings about teaching and education, and a final self-assessment of the SILC experience to complement students' in-class work. Approximately seven seminar meetings are held throughout the semester. Mentor teachers, SILC students and coordinators collaboratively determine the nature of the work and how the students' learning will be assessed both in seminar and in the classroom. Students will receive academic credit on their transcript for their SILC experience. 

If you are having any issues in your SILC classroom or are unable to make it to one of our seminar meetings please contact Ms. Thorngren or Mr. Belford

Senior Project/SILC Office:
Office Hours:
Advisory - Period 5
Class of 2018-Registration and Application for SILC 2017-18

SILC Mentor Teachers 2015-16


Rob Forrest, Susan Holderread, Arielle Bachman, Joe Mortier, Kevin Kansler, Matt Mersch, Bob Bollweg


1st row-Brian woodruff, Stephanie Valerio, Lauren Halik, Sonya Birazian, Sarah Utley, Eric Stewart, Jess Malamuth
2nd row-Nick Drozdroff, Liette Brisebois, Naomi Suzuki, Julia Kessel, Venera Stabinsky, Janet Wang


1st row-Maria Barraza, Becky Kamen
2nd row-Josh Sollie, Martin Funk, Kerri Simons, Bradley Kuklis, Lauren Zuperku, Kyle Ogrodnik, Alf Estberg, Tonya Piscitello, David Reinstein
3rd row-Lori Willer, Steve Drajpuch, Ana Del Ray, Steve Viktora

Gourmet class 2015

SILC student, Ella Brown, with students in Gourmet class 2015-16


SILC Mentor Mary Kate Olsen

Senior Ella Brown with her SILC Mentor Teacher, Mary Kate Olsen 2015-16

Seminar 2
Seminar 3
Seminar 4