Frequently Asked Questions...and Answers

Does a student have to be doing poorly in a class to go to the AAC?

Absolutely not! The AAC is where all students can ask questions, get help on homework, and/or get clarification on concepts.

Do students have to make an appointment to get help in the AAC?

Sometimes. Instructors are available from 7:15AM-3:30PM (times vary depending on the subject and instructor), and they are eager to assist students. We ask that students make an appointment to see our writing instructors because of the time required to evaluate writing. Students do not need to make an appointment to see any of our other instructors. However, there are times that we might be very busy, particularly on the day of a test or the day that a major paper is due. If students wait until the last minute, we might not be able to spend as much time as we would like with them. To make sure they get the assistance they need, it's best to try to plan ahead and make an appointment.

When can students go to the AAC?

Students can come to the AAC before school, during study hall, during lunch, or after school. Students wanting to use this resource during study hall need to come up to the AAC immediately and arrive before the bell rings. Alternatively, if they prefer to go to study hall and then come up to the AAC, they must get a green "out of room" permit signed by their teacher in advance, which they must present to their study hall supervisor in order to gain permission to go to the AAC.

If students go to the AAC during lunch, when/where do they eat?

We prefer that students come to the AAC before or after they eat lunch.

Will the teachers know that students have gotten help in the AAC?

Yes. We keep careful track of who comes into the AAC each day. At the end of each quarter, we send teachers a list of their students who have visited us during those ten weeks, but we can provide this information to teachers at any other time as needed.

The Northfield Testing Make-Up Center --- A405

The AAC also houses the test make-up center, which is open from 7AM-4PM every day. Students needing to take an exam must show their ID before they will be given the test. If students need to take a test after school, they must arrive by 3:15 to ensure that they will have the proper amount of time to finish the test. If no one is in the test make-up center by 3:20, it will be closed.

Questions? Please contact Sandy Schwartz, AAC Coordinator, at 847-784-7771 or email