Senior Project was piloted in 1992 with twenty students. It has become an established lighthouse program at New Trier. The goal of Senior Project is to allow students to design and pursue a project of interest during their final quarter at New Trier. Students in the Full Project complete course work prior to this time, while those in the Abbreviated Project continue part-time on a modified schedule. Typical projects fall into one of the following domains: career, creative, service or academic. Participants work closely with a New Trier mentor and a community sponsor to develop an appropriate Project Proposal with clearly articulated goals. Once a senior makes a commitment to go on Project, it becomes a graduation requirement. To go on project in April, students must meet deadlines and attend required meetings starting in September. Their proposals must be approved by a committee consisting of a student chair, staff members, and community members. All students design their own display boards for their final evaluation during the Senior Project Exhibition. The exhibition is open to the entire public.