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  • Sandwich Project Kickoff Meeting with Capt’n Nemo’s
    On Tuesday, November 7 th , Mr. Ragusi, the owner of Capt'n Nemo's sandwich shop met with New Trier Sports and Entertainment Marketing students to kickoff the annual sandwich making project. The students will be using their marketing skills and the steps of new product development to create a sandwich to be added to the menu. Stay tuned for the winning sandwich!
  • Ms. Duffy’s Classes Create Sandwich for Capt’n Nemo’s
    New Trier's Sports and Entertainment Marketing classes have been working with local sandwich shop Capt'n Nemo's to create a new sandwich idea for the menu. Students have conducted market research about student preferences and brainstormed creative ingredients, a name and a slogan for a new sandwich. Students visited Capt'n Nemos as a class on Tuesday, Oct. 25, for a taste test of their creations. The winning sandwich will be placed on the menu as a special.
  • Mitch Greenwald, Founder and CEO of Cloudbakers visits DECA!
    Over 75 DECA students were in attendance on Thursday, October 6th to hear Mitch Greenwald share his experience as an entrepreneur in the technology sector.  Mr. Greenwald started Cloudbakers, a cloud based technology company, 6 years ago in Chicago.  Over the last five years Cloudbakers has experienced 671% growth, with recently earned a spot on Fortune Magazine's 100 fastest growing inner-city companies at #17.  Mr. Greenwald shared about his career path, what a typical day looks like, and what he looks for in a hire.  His experience and management style inspired many DECA members to work hard and be willing to take risks to do what you love. The fortune article about Mitch Greenwald can be found here:  
  • New Trier’s seasonal fashion display creates opportunity for hands-on learning
    Winnetka, Ill. - New Trier High School students ushered in the holidays by creating a seasonal display for Westfield Old Orchard Shopping Center. In return, they got a real-life lesson in marketing

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