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  • AtoZ Directory Coming in November!
    Once New Trier has all student data verified via InfoSnap, this will be converted into the new directory and made available to all current families in November.  Every household will receive an AtoZ directory Login ID and Password to access the Online AtoZ Directory at that time.  Please use that to login and get started on the AtoZ app. Diectories are no longer printed in an effort to protect family information from solicitations, as well as to be more green. Please go to if you have questions or need assistance.
    Email blast directory Info 2017
  • Right Under Your Nose: Recognizing Signs of Teen Alcohol & Drug Use
    Wednesday, November 1, 7:00-8:30 PM, Room C234, Northfield Campus
    How do you know if your teen is exhibiting typical adolescent behavior or something more concerning? It's often difficult to tell.  This program will help parents identify signs and symptoms of teen alcohol and drug use and offer advice on what to do if you think your child may be using.  Representatives from LEAD (Leading Efforts Against Drugs & Alcohol) will discuss things to look for in your teen's behavior as well as in his or her bedroom! (Hint: empty sunscreen bottles and hollowed out pens are just a couple of ways teens may hide drugs and alcohol.)  Parents will have the opportunity to tour a mock-up teen bedroom to see firsthand what kinds of items could indicate your student is engaging in risky behavior. We'll also learn more about e-cigs, nicotine, and the ubiquitous Juul vaping device that has swept North Shore high school campuses.  This program is for parents only.
  • Senior Parents Class Coffee
    Thursday, November 2, 9:30 - 11 am @ the home of Cynthia Helle, 315 Essex Road, Kenilworth
    Keynote by Denise Dubravec, Principal of New Trier, on stresses of senior year and how to help your student manage  
  • For Parents From Parents: a guide to New Trier from veteran parents
    Parent advice on technology. Read more
    Parent advice on dances and parties.  Read more
  • What do your dues do?
    Fund online Student Directory and Parents' Press, Provide Parent Programming, Plan Class Coffees and Receptions, Supply Exam Snacks to Students, Contribute to the Angel Fund, Plan Staff Appreciation Events, Foster Parent Connections, Support Senior Awards Family Reception, Host Graduation Party and Fund Senior Year-End Activities, Back NTHS Scholarship Fund and Family Action Network (FAN).


Welcome Back!

We hope that you all had summers filled with family, fun and relaxing moments and are now geared up for another exciting year at New Trier!  We'd like to say a special welcome to our newest parents of the Class of 2021 and we hope you will find New Trier to be the wonderful place the rest of us know it to be!  With school starting late this year and fall sports well underway, it's been great seeing the enthusiasm from our students already getting out there to support each other in many ways.  It's heartwarming to see.

As their parents, we also look for ways to support our students and should find opportunities to support and encourage each other.  Please be on the lookout for information about NTPA opportunities available to parents in each of the 4 classes - 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.  You'll be receiving invitations throughout the year and there will also be information on the class webpages. 

As we head into September, we hope you'll take advantage of back-to school programs and coffees and coming up on October 6th, please join us at the Homecoming Varsity football game for our annual fall Kick-off and then opportunities to chaperone at the Homecoming Dance on the 7th.  And, much more to come…

Let's Go!

Tika Walsh & Claire Hearn
Co-Presidents of the New Trier Parents' Association (NTPA)



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Many NTPA programs  are videotaped and available for viewing online or parents may borrow videotapes by contacting  Molly Ottolini , NTPA Secretary, by email or 847-784-2202.

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