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Academics Overview

The academic program is comprehensive in scope and provides the rigor of critical thought to prepare students to successfully embrace the 21st century. Each department prides itself on creating dynamic, relevant, and challenging curricular offerings for students.  Information about academic departments can be accessed via the menu on the left side of the page. 

The following are links to frequently requested guides and information about academic services at New Trier:

  • Book List Fall 2014: a list of required texts for New Trier courses, including ISBN numbers. eBooks information.
  • Department Information - Information on the philosophy, course offerings, goals, and objectives of each academic department, along with a listing of faculty and staff.
  • Guidebook, a summary of Board of Education policies and school codes, expectations for students, student services, and general information about New Trier.
  • Program of Studies 2014-2015 | 2015-2016 , a curriculum and planning guide with a complete listing and descriptions of New Trier course offerings. The Program of  Studies also includes information about graduation requirements, credits, course levels, weighted grades, career guidance, Advanced Placement courses, and special programs.
  • Senior Project, information about a program offering seniors the chance to design and pursue a project of interest during their final quarter at New Trier under the guidance of a school mentor and community sponsor.
  • School Profile, fast facts about New Trier, including information about the community the District serves, student opportunities, enrollment, college attendance rate, graduation requirements, AP courses, grade weighting, National Merit scholars, Illinois State Scholars, ACT/SAT data, and course offerings.
  • School Report Card, information the State of Illinois provides about every school in accordance with state and federal laws; includes demographic, standardized test score, and teacher data.
  • Study Skills Coordination Project provides direct instruction in study skills imbedded within the academic curriculum and reinforced through coordination between the five major academic departments at the Freshman campus.
  • Summer School, important dates, registration information, and a course guide for Summer School at New Trier.
  • Test Center, dates and information about standardized tests, including the ACT and SAT.