New Trier Class of 2011 posts school’s highest average ACT composite score

New Trier High School students in the Class of 2011 achieved an average composite score of 27.5 on the ACT, the highest score the school has ever posted and among the top average composite scores in the nation among public open-enrollment high schools.  

All Illinois juniors take the ACT as part of the Prairie State Achievement Exam, the state’s standardized test for 11th graders. The ACT is a college entrance exam that includes multiple-choice questions in the categories of English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science, assigning scores of 1-36 in each category. The average composite ACT score for the state was 20.9.  

Overall, New Trier students achieved average scores of 28.1 in English, 27.8 in Mathematics, 27.3 in Reading, and 26.4 in Science.  

An analysis of the Class of 2011 data finds that approximately half of New Trier’s graduating class performed in the top 6 percent of the nation on the ACT. In addition, 90 percent of New Trier’s Class of 2011 scored above the state and national average. 

A further breakdown of the scores finds that students in all levels of coursework at New Trier perform exceptionally well on the ACT.  New Trier students meet the college readiness benchmarks established by ACT at a high level as well, with 97 percent of students meeting the benchmark in English and 88 percent meeting the standard in Math, for instance.    

New Trier is proud of the record of ACT performance by its graduates and emphasizes these statistics to colleges and universities to help them understand the depth and breadth of New Trier’s program and the high levels of academic achievement by students enrolled in all course offerings.