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Post-High School Counseling

New Trier High School’s post-high school counseling office is designed to assist students and their parents in all phases of the post-secondary planning process, and culminates in plans for college or other post secondary experiences, including but not limited to a structured enrichment year, direct career entry, trade or technical school enrollment, military enlistment or a post-graduate year.  Counselors work with sophomores, juniors and seniors in group guidance settings through the adviser system, while individualized post-secondary planning and guidance begin during the second semester of the junior year and continues through graduation.

It is the philosophy of the department that the post-secondary planning process is a major step in each student’s independence, and that it is the counselor’s role to empower and help students become autonomous.  This is a decision-making process through which students assess their strengths and preferences in order to make informed, well-deliberated choices.  New Trier High School’s post-high school counseling department provides individualized college and career guidance.  As the only public high school in the nation that offers such a program, New Trier employs eight certified, experienced school counselors, half of whom bring college admission and/or student services backgrounds to their positions.  Each is committed to providing personal, positive and appropriate assistance for members of the New Trier community.

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