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Textbook and eBook Purchasing


Most of your books are available through the New Trier Book Store via the online website or in the on-site store in the Winnetka Student Cafeteria. Some titles are print and others are ebooks depending on what is best available instructional material for the class. Most ebooks are available at the bookstore, although a small number of ebooks (from Amazon and Apple iBooks Store) are only available directly from the publisher. Your student will be given instructions on how to download ebooks purchased at the bookstore or directly from Amazon or Apple's iBook store. We have provided most ISBN numbers in the New Trier Book List. The "Back-to-School" mailing to families includes more detailed information as well. Learn more...


The online bookstore will open for orders on Monday, July 28 at 2PM and will close at midnight on Sunday, August 10.  When ordering online, you may choose to have your books shipped to your home directly or pick them up at the book sale in the Winnetka Campus Cafeteria from Monday through Friday between the hours of 9AM and 6PM from August 4 through August 13.
Please use these Online Ordering Instructions.


The Winnetka Campus bookstore will be open in the Winnetka student cafeteria for in-person purchase of books for all year groups August 4 through August 13, weekdays from 9AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday. You must bring your student's printed schedule when you come to the bookstore for Fall purchases. The schedule contains course titles, course numbers, and sections numbers which is information the bookstore staff will need to find your texts.


Students, parents and guardians can visit the New Trier Bookstore either using the online website or on-site at the Northfield and Winnetka campuses to purchase print textbooks, ebooks, and supplies both during the summer and throughout the school year. Learn More...


New Trier is working with teachers and department leadership to evaluate ebook options for all classes. Not all classes will use ebooks. The reasons will vary - some textbooks or specific editions are simply not available in a digital format, or the textbook is available digitally however the iPad eReader does not deliver a satisfactory user experience. Learn more...


Students may be required to download an ebook for their class(es). This typically requires that you first purchase a code from the New Trier Bookstore or in some cases download an ebook from Amazon or the iBooks Store. Keep in mind that once you download these ebooks and/or redeem access codes, the book may not be refundable. Please wait to download your ebooks the first day of school. Instructions for downloading ebooks is coming soon.  Learn more...


Students can return their books as long as you have a receipt in hand and the item is in the same condition as at the time of purchase. Purchased print books and supplies must be returned within 7 days of the purchase date. Ebooks may not be returned if the access codes have been redeemed or if the ebook envelope seals have been broken. Learn more...