New Trier represented at 2019 IHSAE


Multiple New Trier art students participated in the 2019 Illinois High School Art Exhibition (IHSAE), which took place on Sunday, February 24 at the Zhou B. Art Center in Chicago. The IHSAE works to "enhance the creative educational landscape," and has grown to include over 13 teacher directors and 20+ regular volunteers implementing programming that has impacted 150 high school visual art programs, and over 1,200 students annually.

2019 Illinois High School General Art Exhibition

Five art students were selected (for six categories) to represent New Trier High School at the 2019 Illinois High School General Art Exhibition, one of the states' premier high school art exhibitions featuring student visual artworks from some of the top city, suburban, public and private high schools.

For this exhibition, area high schools come together to celebrate the diversity of city and suburban high school artists, unifying the arts through a common goal, experience, and perspective. High schools digitally submit up to 25 artworks into 8 categories: Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Design, Photography, Pottery, Sculpture, and Time Arts via SlideRoom, an online visual slide review platform. The following students represented New Trier:

Annabel Nied: Drawing (received honorable mention) and Design, Emma Osuna: Photography, Kai Reinhard: Time Arts, Margot Fiegen: Painting, Sophie Krajewski-Arnold: Mixed Media

Senior Scholarship Exhibition

The IHSAE Senior Scholarship Exhibition was also held on Sunday, February 24th at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago, where seniors Hannah Kadin, Victor Pearlman, and Lyla Simonds all received honorable mentions. Students at the event were offered over $2,502,320.00 in scholarship offers. The following seniors were selected to exhibit in the exhibition:

Alessia Liebovich, Annabel Nied, Lyla Simonds (received Honorable Mention), Sophie Arnold, Matthew Dekker, Haven Guerra, Hannah Kadin (received Honorable Mention), Maureen Kelly, Ally Kwon, Ava Shparago, Jessica Tenenbaum, Katherine Harvey, Brianna Perez, Margot Fiegen, Lindsay Lees, Emma Osuna, Victor Pearlman (received Honorable Mention, Becca Pollak, Samantha Wert, Peder Albertson