The Integrated Global Studies School is an interdisciplinary school-within-a-school located on New Trier High School's Winnetka Campus.

A Brief Description

The Integrated Global Studies School is designed to provide a small school setting for students who are passionate about learning and who wish to help direct the path of their own education. Our school-within-a-school is a challenging opportunity for students and staff to examine connections within and across disciplines and to develop creative and experiential courses of study. The IGSS is driven by individuals whose open mindedness inspires the spirit of inquiry, whose personal involvement is fueled by compassion, and whose convictions lead them to be responsibly active, both locally and globally, in the world outside the walls of New Trier.

A Brief History

New Trier's Strategic Planning process of 2003 culminated in the creation of several Action Plans, each a collaboration of staff, students, and community members. Two separate Action Plans determined that an experiential and interdisciplinary school within-a-school would be one way to offer some of our students an alternative learning environment.

This new school would support a truly integrated curriculum and would emphasize experiential, inquiry-based learning. The Integrated Global Studies School, which opened its doors in the 2009-2010 school year, is the manifestation of these principles.