The connection between the mind and body is crucial to personal growth and development.

Belief Statement

The core of every class in Kinetic Wellness is anchored in the integrated teaching of physical, mental/emotional and social wellness.

Curriculum Strands

The Kinetic Wellness curriculum is grounded in the CDCP 6 Adolescent Wellness Indicators: fitness, nutrition, mental/emotional health, substance education, sexuality education and safety (prevention of intentional and unintentional injury)


  • Kinetic Wellness teachers will:
  • Provide meaningful and enjoyable experiences with updated and accurate wellness information
  • Provide a safe learning environment for all students that fosters respect, accountability, responsibility and leadership opportunities
  • Utilize a wide variety of teaching and assessment methods that address different learning styles and meet the needs of a diverse community
  • Provide a variety of individual, dual and group activities to encourage responsible decision-making, personal behavior, self-expression and a lifelong habit of movement.


As a result of their Kinetic Wellness experiences, students will:

  • Gain knowledge and demonstrate competency of basic movement and fitness concepts during early high school
  • By late high school, apply basic principles of movement and fitness to develop knowledge and skill proficiency through self- selected activities and experiences.
  • Apply knowledge of wellness benefits and team building strategies to activities
  • Participate in a variety of individual, dual and group activities to encourage a lifelong habit of movement and wellness
  • Realize that participation in movement activities and classroom experiences provides the opportunity for enjoyment, self-expression and social interaction.
  • Understand the relationship between and influence of culture, media and technology on wellness
  • Access and evaluate wellness-related resources for self and others
  • Use technology to self-assess levels of fitness
  • Implement and evaluate a personal fitness plan to maintain or increase their level of physical wellness
  • Develop decision-making skills to aid self and others
  • Display a sense of responsibility through personal choices that reflect concern for others.
  • Reflect upon their strengths and areas for development