• Applied Arts

    Hands-on, real-world experiences in architecture, engineering, design technology, automotives, culinary, and child development. Students develop essential problem-solving and leadership skills by creating innovative solutions to real-life challenges.
  • Art

    The mission of the Art Department is to teach students art-making materials, tools and techniques, encourage divergent solutions to problems, foster visual literacy, and provide an understanding and appreciation of past and contemporary visual culture
  • Curriculum and Instruction

    The Curriculum and Instruction Department is responsible for the comprehensive leadership of curriculum, instruction, teacher development and supervision, student testing, and program evaluation and assessment
  • Business Education

    The Business Education Department believes that students should participate in a rigorous program that helps them develop the skills and ideas necessary to be successful in their personal, academic and professional lives
  • English

    The English program is a four-year sequence that encourages students to become actively-engaged, thinking persons in a complex, dynamic world
  • Integrated Global Studies School

    The Integrated Global Studies School is an interdisciplinary school-within-a-school located on New Trier High School’s Winnetka Campus
  • Kinetic Wellness

    Kinetic Wellness is an integration of physical, mental/emotional and social wellness. The curriculum is grounded in six adolescent wellness indicators: fitness, nutrition, mental/emotional health, sexuality, substance education and safety
  • Library

    The mission of the Library program is to provide students with the information literacy skills they need to achieve maximum success at the high school level and to create lifelong learners in an ever-changing, information-rich environment
  • Mathematics

    Mathematics as a discipline is an important and beautiful human endeavor. It is an intellectual discipline worthy of study for its artistic and logical form as well as for its ability to help describe and interpret the world around us
  • Modern and Classical Languages

    At the heart of language learning is the ability to communicate, whether it be person to person, in writing, or through the reading of literature. Communication promotes understanding, tolerance, and respect for others
  • Music and Theatre

    Music and Theatre education is the education of human feeling through the development of a responsiveness to the aesthetic qualities of sound. Performance classes provide intimate contact with these expressive qualities
  • Science

    The science curriculum is directed toward investigative processes designed to meet the individual needs and abilities of New Trier students
  • Social Studies

    The social sciences are in search of patterns which reflect human experience
  • Special Education

    The New Trier Special Education Department recognizes that each student learns in a unique way. As such, we provide a full continuum of services to students who have been found eligible for special education.
  • Speech and Debate

  • Summer School

    The New Trier Summer School program offers students experience in four areas: Academics, Enrichment, Sports, and Travel
  • Testing

    The Test Center is open to any student, after making prior arrangements with their classroom teacher, to make up tests that were previously given during normal class time.
  • Program of Studies

    The New Trier High School Program of Studies has been prepared to help students plan their four-year educational program.