Math Teacher Organizations

  • Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM) is a professional organization to encourage an active interest in all areas of mathematics and mathematics education, to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics and the role of mathematics in other disciplines, to promote research in the teaching and learning of mathematics, and to provide opportunities for exchange of views regarding the teaching and learning of mathematics.
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is a public voice of mathematics education, providing vision, leadership and professional development to support teachers in ensuring equitable mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students.
  • Metropolitan Mathematical Club of Chicago (MMC) supports math teachers by offering conferences, a resume bulletin board and scholarship grants. Includes meeting schedules, past and present.
  • American Mathematical Society (AMS) promotes mathematical research and its uses, strengthens mathematical education, and fosters awareness and appreciation of mathematics and its connections to other disciplines and to everyday life.
  • American Statistical Association (ASA) is the nation's leading professional association for statistics and statisticians.
  • Mathematics Association of America (MAA) provides a forum for educators, students, professionals, and math enthusiasts to share ideas, keep abreast of developments in the mathematical community, enhance their careers, and make new friends.