Upcoming Language Learning Opportunity

Fostering Language 2

Please join us for a series of 3 Zoom discussions centered around communication and language development and how this information can engage us in being good communication partners at home and beyond. Strategies and techniques to encourage communication and language at home, as well considerations for the future will also be discussed. These 1 hour discussions will involve approximately 45 minutes of information, with time remaining for questions and answers. While it is not necessary to attend all three evenings, it is highly recommended.

Please complete   this form   to RSVP.  You are welcome to invite other family members and/or caregivers too!  Please just include all emails on the RSVP form, so we get the link to everyone.  Contact Colleen Koulentes,    koulentc@nths.net   if you have additional questions.

Mission Statement

The New Trier Transition Program is committed to providing students with a community based, functional, real world curriculum. The focus of the program is to enhance students' life and vocational skills to prepare them for their post-high school opportunities. 


The Transition Program was begun in 2009 in response to parents, looking to help their sons and daughters maintain the relationships they had established at New Trier while continuing to tap into all that New Trier has to offer, requested that students be given a 5th year at New Trier. Collaboration with parents has led to the development of a program dedicated to assisting young adults in acquiring the skills necessary to live productive and fulfilling lives.

Not a Typical School Day

To assist our young adults in making the transition to adulthood, care has been taken to create a schedule and environment that feels less like high school and more like an adult work environment. Instruction focuses on life skills such a meal planning and preparation, health and safety, public transportation skills, home management, and vocational training.

Linkages to Adult Services

Care is taken to assist parents in making linkages to adult services to ensure the transition to adulthood can be a smooth as possible for our students. Our Transition Coordinator is available to answer questions and assist students and their families in making essential connections.

Student Benefits

  • Increased Self-Esteem
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Valuable Job Skills
  • Increased Independence
  • Caring friendships
  • Increased Social Skills
  • Budgeting and Money Management Skills
  • Health & Safety Awareness and Skills
  • Independent Travel Skills
  • A Smooth Transition to Adulthood