504 Plans

504 Plans for Incoming Freshmen (Class of 2024)
504 plans for incoming freshmen will be sent home in August prior to the start of the school year. Freshmen students with 504 plans will receive accommodations listed in their plans as they pertain to the full, hybrid, or remote model during the 2020-2021school year.

504 articulation meetings with New Trier staff at the sender schools were not possible this year due to school closure. Sender schools have shared information on each student that had a 504 plan in 8 th grade. A New Trier 504 plan will be created for those students based on sender school recommendations during the summer. Parents should contact the 504 coordinator at New Trier after they have received the plan if they have any questions.

504 Plan Guidelines for All Students During Remote/Hybrid Learning
Students with current New Trier 504 plans will continue to receive the accommodations listed in their plan as they pertain to the remote/hybrid model during the 2020-2021 school year. Though the delivery of some accommodations may look differently, the faculty and staff of New Trier remains committed to providing students who have 504 plans access to the accommodations they have utilized during in-person instruction.


Accommodation In-Person Conditions Remote Conditions
Extended Time A student begins a test in class, doesn't finish by the bell, and needs to use extended time. The teacher places the test in the testing center and the student finishes the test during a free period agreed upon by the teacher and student. A student begins a test online at home during a class Zoom session, doesn't finish by the end of class, and needs to use extended time. The student notifies the teacher via Zoom or email immediately that extended time is needed. The student completes the test during the next available free period at home and submits the test by the time agreed upon by the teacher and student.
Classroom Breaks A student experiences anxiety in class and needs to excuse themselves for a break outside of class. Student raises hand or signals teacher, the student leaves, and returns to class when ready. A student experiences anxiety at home during a class zoom session and needs to excuse themselves for a break. Student sends the teacher a personal message via Zoom, leaves the room or pauses the video camera, and returns to the Zoom session when ready.

Both of these are just examples of how a teacher may work with a student who receives a particular accommodation. Teachers have been given the discretion to be as flexible as possible and work with students individually on a case by case basis to allow accommodations in a manner that works best for everyone while still maintaining course requirements and academic integrity.

If any student experiences difficulty with receiving accommodations during remote learning that cannot be resolved directly with the teacher, the student and/or parent should contact the adviser who will relay the issue to the 504 coordinator. The 504 coordinator will work with the teacher to resolve the situation to best meet the needs of the student.