Revised Grey Day Support Guidelines, 2020-2021

Trevian Day to Grey Day Support

Based on feedback from students and staff, the pace of Trevian Days with 35-minutes on Zoom for each class was overwhelming and not effective for learning. Most importantly, it became clear that students needed more time to get additional support from teachers and other schoolwide resources.

Beginning second semester Grey Day Support will be a dedicated student support day. Students will get additional help from their classroom teachers, which includes reteaching, assignment initiation or completion, classroom-based interventions, special education services, etc. Teachers will meet with small groups and/or individual students during each class period. All students can access additional help from schoolwide resources and supports.


  • All remote for students; teachers may teach remotely or on-campus
  • Students will engage in independent, asynchronous learning for each class.
    • Do not enter attendance for adviser room or class, or use end-of-class period or end-of-day assignment submission for attendance-taking purposes
    • Assignments posted on a Grey Day will be due on the next Blue/Green Day
    • No summative assessments to be administered; but teachers may post short formative (check for understanding) assessments due next Blue/Green Day
  • Asynchronous learning per class (class time + homework) should be no longer than 35 minutes total time on task, with assignments due on the following Blue/Green Day
  • Teachers and advisers will prioritize and incentivize meeting with students who need additional support and meet with them via Zoom during their assigned class period.
    • Time for reteaching, make-up work, etc. -- any Tier 1 universal instructional strategies to support student learning.
    • Collaborate with your Department Chair/Coordinators, Adviser Chair, case manager, grade level MTSS coach, or school psychologist to identify incentives for attendance and strategies for classroom-based interventions
    • Teachers will document interventions delivered to each student for MTSS purpose
    • If a teacher has not scheduled time with individuals or small groups, then the teacher will be available to all students for drop-ins during the assigned class period
  • Students can access support from following schoolwide resources , and teachers may also assign students to get help from one of these resources.
  • Teachers will be available during their assigned class period for students who receive special education minutes so students can access services via Zoom.
  • Students will attend scheduled meetings, appointments, or groups with social workers, speech language pathologists, post high school counselors, school psychologists, and other specialized services staff, who may meet with students via Zoom.