Special Education Services

The Special Education Department is closely monitoring and reviewing ISBE guidance regarding the transition back to in-person instruction, including the most recent guidance dated 6/30/2020. To the extent possible, and in accordance with ISBE guidance, as safety is our first priority, it is our hope to provide as much in-person instruction as possible for students who receive special education services. However, many factors will influence the amount of in-person instruction we are able to provide, including social distancing requirements and the specific needs of students. In the event that New Trier begins the year in either the hybrid or remote model, case managers will develop Remote Learning Plans, similar to the plans that were developed in the spring, that will capture the services your student will continue to receive.

If you have not submitted a response already, please complete the Return to School 2020 Survey to indicate your intent on your child with an IEP returning to school.