• Administrative Team

  • Administrative Services

    Administrative services staff is responsible for maintaining all student registration information
  • Business Services

    The Business Office is responsible for Payroll, Accounting, Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Student Accounts
  • Communications and Alumni Relations

    The Communications & Alumni Relations Department is responsible for directing New Trier community, media, staff relations; the New Trier Alumni Association; school visitations; publication and video production; and special events
  • Curriculum and Instruction

    The Curriculum and Instruction Department is responsible for the comprehensive leadership of curriculum, instruction, teacher development and supervision, student testing, and program evaluation and assessment
  • Finance and Operations

    Oversees the non-instructional aspects of District 203, including Business Services, Food Service, Physical Plant Services, Technology and Transportation
  • Human Resources

    New Trier Township High School District 203 is an equal opportunity employer
  • Physical Plant Services

    The Physical Plant Services department is responsible for all district cleaning and maintenance both inside and outside the buildings
  • Principal - Northfield Campus

    On this page you will find copies of our regular communications mailed home to parents, articles about New Trier and education written by the Principal, an “Ask the Principal” form, and contact information for the Principal and office staff