Junior Parent Night - Thursday

Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Location: Gaffney Auditorium Address: 385 Winnetka Ave., Winnetka, IL Download to Calendar

The program will be jointly presented by several members of the post-high school counseling department.  If you are unable to attend the night for your designated counselor (see below) feel free to attend the alternate evening.  Topics covered in the program include: the counselor, student and parent roles through the process, a landscape look at college admissions, priorities and considerations for a comprehensive college search, standardized testing, anticipated timelines, and an overview of the New Trier post-high school counseling programs and services that will be provided to help students on this journey. 

November 6 will be for the advisories served by Ms. Cervantes, Ms. Ecklund, Mr. O'Connor and Mr. Shorrock
The advisors are Bond, Bushelll, Coy, Doll, Duell, Fergus, Guy, Haak, Hess, Hillhouse, Holderread, Horne, Kajfez, Malamuth, Meyer, Rodgers, Runkle, Suzuki, Trovato and Vaughan
November 7 will be for the advisories served by Ms. Graf, Mr. Rogan, Ms. Stauder and Mr. Zigmund
The advisors are Boumstein, Butterly, Drevline, Fajerstein, Fassnacht, Fischer, Garneau, Heidkamp, Immel/O'Malley, Kermgard, Lanham, Mauer/Flanigan, Maxman, Nasshan, Niemi, Pilewski, Rish, Spagnoli, Stuczynski and Wininsky

For more information, please contact:

Terry Perlongo

Department Asst - PHSC
847-784-2234 385 Winnetka Ave Winnetka, IL 60093