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If you had taught a single semester course during last semester, then you will need to submit a request for a new Canvas course for 2nd semester.

Teachers initiate the request for new academic Canvas courses using the online course request form. 

Note: You must be connected to the NTHS network to access this form

Course Request Instructions

New course request form
  • Go to Trevianet, open Links and then click Course Mapping for Canvas.
  • Your available course sections are listed in the left window of the request form.
  • Select the sections that you want to combine into a new course and click the Add button to move them to the right window.
  • Click the Save Course Sections button on the bottom of the form to submit your course request.
  • Course enrollment is maintained through the integration of our student management system (eSchool) and Canvas.
  • Students are marked "Completed" when removed from a course and their grades will become read only.
  • Academic courses will automatically "Conclude" based on the default term dates and become read only. (August 17, 2015 - May 26, 2016).

End of Semester/End of Year

Setup Your Course

Tutorials and Help Guides

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