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2019 Preseason Boys Tennis Meeting Info

Welcome to New Trier Boys Tennis home of 21 STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS! From our Lexicon, "NEW TRIER TENNIS starts with TEAM, USTA tennis starts with you!" High school tennis should be the priority for you during our season 2/25 until mid-May. Tryouts consist of playing singles "superbreakers" to 10 against other students, doubles competition & skills assessment, and attitude/effort/sportsmanship. We try and make our tryout process as metric as possible and tabulate all data. The players tryout results determine what team they merit a spot on. The best players regardless of age will be on the Varsity. Cuts will depend on number of boys trying out - we will keep as many players on teams as courts & number of coaches allow. Tryouts should be at least 3 times for each student unless their level doesn't necessitate any cuts. Tryouts are a clean slate for all players, regardless of performance/position the previous year.


Tryouts for all levels begin Monday 2/25/19

Due to weather it looks like we will be trying out indoors at local clubs mostly evenings 8-11pm or so.

We will have Tryouts throughout the day/night of Saturday March 2 nd

There are no Tryouts on Sunday March 3 rd .

Tryouts will end by Thursday March 7 th .

Please let the coaches know any tryout conflicts asap.

Students will not be allowed to tryout for Boys Tennis unless they register online at  and uplooad a current physical to your family account.

Delays in registration could negatively impact your tryout with a loss of playing opportunities until completed.  


2/25/19 meet  4-5pm at AC Nielsen tennis shack by outdoor courts.

We anticipate all people playing that evening indoors 830-11pm 


2/25/19 meet afterschool in room 165 from 330-5pm

We probably will not have sophomores tryout until Tuesday evening 


"Boys Tennis tryouts begin Monday 2/25!  ALL freshman trying out must come to a brief 5 minute meeting in room C221 IMMEDIATELY afterschool on Monday 2/25 for a status update/schedule regarding tryouts which we anticipate hosting indoors that evening 830-11pm. You still should be able to catch your bus. If you have not yet registered with the athletic department to try out for tennis, please have your parent/guardian do so immediately on the New Trier website."


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