All interested New Trier students are encouraged to audition for the  Directing Projects presented by the Theatre 4 students in the curricular Theatre program.  

General Auditions will be Thursday, January 7 and Friday, January 8, 2021. 

More information coming soon!

Directing Projects are the culminating activity for Theatre 4 students. Students design, stage, and present a short play of their choosing during their assigned class period. Student performers attend up to 20 rehearsals including one mandatory technical rehearsal and one mandatory dress rehearsal within 2 weeks prior to the performance date. Students will be released from three class periods on the day of the performance in order to prepare, present, and regroup. A wide variety of plays will be presented, each promising to provide a unique opportunity for student actors and directors alike. The Directing Projects are an advanced classroom assignment and some deal with mature subject matter such as body image, violence and prop weapons, sexual activity, substance abuse, race and religion. Copies of the play will be available in the Thespian Advocacy Group course on Canvas. If you don't have access to that course, please email Ms Lynn (  ) and she will add you. The Directing Projects have at least 60 roles to be cast during this process.


DIRECTING PROJECTS:  Each play will have 18-20 rehearsal sessions between the end of January and the assigned performance date in March or April. Rehearsals are scheduled depending on the availability of the cast members and directors. The director and cast will agree to a rehearsal schedule within one week of casting. Once the rehearsal schedule is established, students and parents will be asked to approve the schedule with their signature. Excessive excused or unexcused absences from scheduled rehearsals or inappropriate behavior may result in dismissal from the cast at the discretion of the instructor.

PLEASE NOTE: It is possible for students who participate in clubs, sports, or in the cast or crews of Freshman Play, Choir-Opera, Frosh-Soph Play, and Spring Play to also be in the Directing Projects. Students in these activities only audition if they are available for Directing Project rehearsals at least two evenings a week and/or on Sundays.

Student directors will have an opportunity to work with a theatre faculty mentor to identify student actors who may be appropriate choices for their projects. However, the casts for each project will be determined by the members of the Theatre faculty. You will audition in front of the student directors and faculty directors/producers/mentors. The student directors are not permitted to discuss any part of the audition or casting process with students who are not members of their class. Please respect the confidentiality and responsibility required in this process and avoid any perception of trying to influence or gain information from the directors, even as a joke.  

All performers are required to fulfill the Crew Apprenticeship Program within one year after being cast in their first NT production. Please see the NTHS Guidebook or Performing Arts website for more information.  

Directing Projects may be presented again as part of the Directing Project Showcase if the director is of good standing in the Theatre 4 course, the cast members demonstrate their readiness, and the producer approves the director's application for Showcase. This year's Showcase will be presented May 20-22. In preparation for this performance, 2-5 additional "brush up" rehearsals will be scheduled between the in-class performance and Showcase dates.  

If you have any questions about Directing Projects process or schedule or concerns about the plays, please contact Ms. Lynn (012c Winnetka), 847/784-6888, .