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The Quest Food Services staff is committed to providing safe and healthy food choices for students during the 2020-21 school year. Students will have a 35 minute lunch period each day.  The cafeteria capacity will be limited, and students will be directed to designated eating areas on each campus so that social distancing can be maintained. To start, we will offer only one brown bag pre-order option each day. For information on setting up a RevTrak account and a separate lunch ordering account, click here . When possible, we suggest students bring their own lunch to school.

Our Approach

At Quest Food Management Services, we have been providing fresh, high-quality food and intensely personal service for over 30 years. Our Food Philosophy guides our approach to wholesome, scratch- made food, and our culinary leaders deliver tailored dining experiences to the unique needs of each community we serve. Driven by our unparalleled responsiveness to feedback, we crave being challenged to think outside of the box.

These values have made us one of the fastest growing companies in our industry. With a full spectrum of innovative, inspiring experiences to offer, we are a trusted partner to some of the Midwest's most notable institutions and organizations.

To learn more about Quest, please visit our corporate website at

Adding Funds

Revtrak is a user-friendly school food service software system, providing fast, friendly customer service that helps your student get through the line quickly. Revtrak allows you to add funds, receive notifications and purchase history. We encourage you to sign up for Autoreplenish which ensures that your student's account will not reach $0.

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Menus with Culinary Suite

Culinary Suite is a food management software solution that Quest uses to build and display menus. The software provides nutritional analysis and allergen tracking for all items we prepare, ensuring the health and safety of the school community.

Quest Allergen Disclaimer

Due to the handcrafted nature of our menu items, our kitchens which share cooking and preparation areas, and our reliance on suppliers for accurate information, we cannot eliminate the risk of cross-contact or guarantee that any item is free of any allergen. There is a possibility that suppliers of the commercial foods we use can change the formulation or substitute ingredients at any time, without notice. To that end, we make every attempt to identify ingredients and menu items that contain the 8 major allergens (milk, eggs, soybeans, fish, crustacean shellfish, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts). The allergen information provided is up-to-date to the best of our knowledge and is based entirely on the information provided by our suppliers. We also make every effort to instruct our food production staff on the severity of food allergies.

Glenbrook consults individually with customers whom have food allergies to minimize allergic reactions. Prior to consuming menu items, individuals with life-threatening food allergies should confirm the ingredient information on the actual label of the product. If a customer decides that the menu item is safe on any given day, that decision is entirely their responsibility. Glenbrook will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items one may come in contact with while eating at Glenbrook. No allergen information should ever be considered a guarantee, but simply a best faith effort to serve our customers.

Customers with food allergies are encouraged to contact Food Service Director, Dennis Karim at or 847-785-2285 for additional information and/or support.

Wholesome Meals

Quest is committed to offering a variety of healthful options. All of our meals feature lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Sourcing Locally

We utilize programs that help us source from farmers and artisans within 250 miles of your school. These programs provide access to the highest-quality produce and specialty foods that we get to offer in our dining hall.

Our Food Philosophy

We are passionate about food and we believe in wholesome, nutritious ingredients. That is why we are committed to using items healthier for both our bodies and the planet. By purchasing with the following standards in mind and preparing items so that they are as fresh as possible when served, we support local agriculture, increase nutrition, and intensify flavor.

  1. Never using artificial trans-fats for any items prepared in house.
  2. Never using MSG.
  3. Serving produce that is fresh, fresh frozen or packed in 100% juice or water.
  4. Sourcing milk that is local and free of added growth hormones.
  5. Serving 100% cage-free eggs.
  6. Offering 100% produced at origin, hand harvested, mountain grown, custom-blended coffees. Supporting partnerships with the Colombia Coffee Growers Association, Rainforest Trust, and numerous charities through Fundraising 365.
    1. Serving proteins that are USDA certified.
    2. Purchasing sustainable seafood that follows the Marine Stewardship Council's guidelines and recommendations.
    3. Writing menus that feature seasonal and regional products we source from local farmers and small producers.
    4. Accommodating nutritional and dietary requests.
    5. Offering a wide variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.
    6. Serving an array of whole grain breads, pastas and cereals.

    Our Mission, Vision, and Values

    • Mission: Quest provides the communities we serve with fresh, high-quality food, exceptional responsiveness and intensely personal service.
    • Vision: We are committed to creating the most enduring relationships in the industry by what we do and how we do it.
    • Values: Integrity, Responsiveness, Accountability, Respect, Excellence

    Lunch Program Service Modifications: Quest's Safety Plan  during COVID-19

    Quest is ready to welcome you back to the cafeteria!  We have spent the summer preparing for safe openings that ensure the safety of our guests and our employees.  For more information surrounding the safety measures we are implementing in all our kitchens and dining halls please link directly to: