Greg Harris Film Festival

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Greg Harris Film Festival 2019

Write a script, grab that camera, and find some actors-it's time to enter your film in New Trier's  Greg Harris Film Festival.  The fest will be held on May 1, 2019 at the Wilmette Theatre. At 6:30 doors open. At 7:00 pm, roll film. The magic begins as we screen the movies. At 8:00 pm, cue lights.  A ceremony crowns selected filmmakers, who will be honored with Harris Awards in a variety of categories. If you're up for the challenge, this is what you need to know:

  • The deadline to enter films is Monday April 15. Click here to fill out the form for your entry.
  • Any genre- comedy, drama, thriller/suspense, horror, spoof, experimental, documentary,  animation, movie trailer, commercial/PSA-is fair game
  • Films can range from 1-6 minutes; you may submit more than one movie
  • Remember that parents, siblings and faculty will be present-create a film for all audience
  • Dress for the night-it's a film festival-pull out those jackets and ties and gowns. Let's do it in style
  • Not all films will be shown during the festival; a panel of judges will select films to be screened; all those who submit will be notified whether they have been selected

Technical Requirements:

  • Each entry file should be named the same as the title of the movie
  • Each entry should have a 5 second "slate" (a simple black and white title card with the name of the project and those submitting it), followed by 2 seconds of black. This "slate" will not take the place of traditional titles or be shown at the fest, but is helpful in identifying the movie and those who created it.
  • Include 2 seconds of black at the end of movie
  • Adjust your audio levels so that they peak at -6 db. This will prevent audio distortion
  • Stop by the Helpdesk outside of the library if you have any questions or need technical assistance
  • If you have questions, contact Mr. Oetter (room 332), Mr. Trovato (room 330), Mr. Syrek (room W231) or Mr. Johnson (room 224).

Ready! Get Set! Film Race!

As a special genre, the film race will be open to all students who are up for a different challenge. Students can enter more than one film-for instance a regularly shot film and a film race film.

For the film race, you will have 72 hours - from Friday April 12 to Monday April 15 - to make a short film (30 seconds to 4 minutes) that must include 3 secret elements.

Here are the prompts for 2019:

  1. Action :  Pouring a glass of water
  2. Dialogue :  "Certainty of death, small chance of success - what are we waiting for?"
  3. Object :  Dice

Both the line of dialogue and the object will be revealed at 3:00 pm on Friday April 12.

The dialogue and object have to be somewhere in the film, though they do not have to play a major role in the plot or story.

All Film Race movies must be submitted no later than Monday, April 15 by 3:30 pm