Daily Ruvna Screener Notification
Beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 8 , all parents will receive an email and cellular text message at 5:20 a.m. Monday through Saturday with a unique link to answer a few brief health screener questions for their student(s). This time was chosen to account for our earliest on-campus practices. The parent/guardian of any student participating in on-campus athletics or activities must fill out this screener prior to their student arriving on campus. Once hybrid learning begins, parents must fill out the screener during each of their students' on-campus learning days.

Parents only need to complete the screener if their student is scheduled to be on campus or participating in an extracurricular activity in person that day . If your student will not be on campus or participating in an extracurricular activity in person that day, you do not need to complete the screener. If you have multiple students at New Trier, you will receive only one message with unique links for each student.

Silencing text notifications
Please see the links at the end of this document for information on how to set text messages from a contact to "do not disturb" if you choose not to be alerted when the daily screener arrives. Parents whose student is currently in quarantine due to COVID-related symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID will not receive the screener notification until they have been cleared to return to school activities.

Health Screening Questions and QR Code to Text/Email to Student
Parents are required to check that their child's temperature is below 100.4℉ each day . The survey questions will ask if the student has any symptoms of COVID-19, if they have a fever, have traveled to one of the restricted states in the past 14 days, and finally if they have a COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure to someone with the virus.

If the parent answers "no" to all the screener questions, they will receive a QR code with a note that reads: " You are cleared to come to campus or participate in extracurriculars today. Please present this QR code at the school entrance or to a coach or sponsor when you arrive." You must text or email this code to your student for them to show on campus. Students without a mobile phone should have the code emailed to their school email address and students will present their QR code on their iPad.

If the student has any symptoms on the list or has answered yes to any of the questions, the screen will display these instructions: " One of your symptom(s) or responses has been identified by the Cook County Department of Health as potentially related to Covid-19. If you are a student-athlete, please contact Dale Grooms at 847-784-2297. For all other students, please contact Health Services by calling 847-784-2111."

If your student is too ill to participate in remote learning, please also contact the Attendance Office by completing the Report an Absence Form or by calling 847-784-2286 (Winnetka Campus) or 847-784-7533 (Northfield Campus). If you need technical assistance from New Trier staff with Ruvna please email NT_Health_Screen@nths.net or leave a message at 847-784-6540.

Additional Resources
Please watch this video for step by step instructions for completing the screener.

General screening information for parents from Ruvna Health .