Powerlifting Club

  • Powerlifting Club PhotoThe New Trier Powerlifting Club was established in 2010 and maintains a roster of approximately 35 student-athletes. The club meets every Monday at 5:00pm in room G206 on the New Trier East campus. All are welcome.

    In 2011 the club won the N.A.S.A. Wisconsin Regional Championship in Sheboygan, WI - hosted by the Natural Athlete Strength Association - a drug-free powerlifting organization.

    Notables Lifters:(All records set in High School Division)

    *Eric Shriesheim - IL State Champion, H.S. Division, 165lb weight class - 1,052lb Total
    Eric Shriesheim - IL State Record - Deadlift, 165lb weight class - 462.9lbs
    John Benson - IL State Record - Deadlift, 220lb weight class - 501.5lbs