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Social Work Offices:

Winnetka Campus - Room 225   |   Northfield Campus - B Building, Room B230  

New Trier High School is committed to maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment and addressing incidents that impact our campus climate.

You have the following options to report an incident based on the situation:

  • Speak with an adult: It is always best to work through a situation with an adult
  • Call 911: If you believe the safety of someone is at risk
  • Text-A-Tip is a 24/7 anonymous text-communication system for youth needing immediate mental health assistance for themselves or a friend
    Text to: 844.823.5323 Enter Text:  TREVHELP
  • TrevTips: Anonymous communication to New Trier High School: Concerns reported on days when school is not in session, or after regular school hours, will not be seen until the following school day.
    TrevTips is designed for individual to remain anonymous while reporting safety concerns including but not limited to:
  1. Personal safety or safety of another student (i.e. self-harm, substance abuse) or,
  2. hazing, harassment, bullying,
  3. a bias incident

If you concern requires immediate attention during the school day, see an adult or contact the principal by calling 847-784-2200 for the Winnetka Campus or 847-784-7501 for the Northfield Campus.  In case of an emergency please call 911.

In making your report, please be accurate and factual.  Observation and facets are more useful than characterization or labels.

Please note: The completed form will be shared with the appropriate school personnel who can respond to your concern.

Click here if you wish to submit a tip.