Social Work Services

Social Work Offices:

Winnetka Campus - Room 225   |   Northfield Campus - B Building, Room B230  

We understand there is a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, fear, and isolation around what is happening in the world. Please be sure to check-in, listen, and empathize with one another, validate concerns, and address facts and fears. This is a very challenging time for everyone, and we have confidence our NT community will be there for one another, as well as utilizing the supports and resources our community agencies are providing. 

Since people react to a crisis or a stressful event differently, knowing the resources and supports can be reassuring. School Social Workers can help assess educational impact and the need for school-based services and/or provide counseling resources in the community. Depending on your child's circumstances, here are some considerations and how best to proceed in getting them support, in or outside of the building.  

  • Speak to your child's adviser, who will consult with the Social Work Department or contact the social work department directly. 
  • If there is an immediate emergency (you are concerned about your child and they are at risk of hurting themself, others, or they are being harmed in any way) and we are REMOTE, please contact their physician/therapist, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. There are many community resources available to provide support to you.  If this is an emergency (you are concerned about your child and they are at risk of hurting themself, others, or they are being harmed in any way) and your child is IN THE BUILDING, please direct your child to go to the SW department.
  • Non-Emergency: If your child has an assigned social worker and would like to schedule an appointment, please have them email their social worker, and they will get back to you within 24 hours during regular school days.
  • Non-Emergency: 
    If a student does not have an assigned social worker and they need to speak to someone, they can schedule an intake appointment during their free period (advisery or lunch for freshman). A link to schedule an appointment through Bookings will be provided on the adviser's canvas page.
  • Text-a-Tip and TrevTip here
  • Crisis Hotlines
  • The NT Non-For-Profit Community-Based Resource List is tailored to inform parents and students of each organization's revised delivery of services during the COVID crisis.
  • Mental Health Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • COVID Resources and Articles for Parents
  • Crisis Response Network of the North Shore Community Directory
  • New Trier Mental Health Resources
  • Release of Information Form 
  • Procedures for QPR