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  • New Trier Science Olympiad finished 12th at National Tournament
    New Trier Science Olympiad finished 12th out of 60 teams at the virtual National Science Olympiad Tournament held on Saturday, May 22.  Results were released on Monday, May 24. Senior Eric Liu, junior Maryanne Xu, and sophomores Charlotte Calkins, Annabel Ma and Isaac Noel also earned National Medals. 

    As you consider your course selections for next year, consider applying for one of these class period club opportunities!  Applications close on Friday, Feb 19 - Contact  Student Activities  if you need more information! 

    Girls Club: Video | Application
    International Club:  Video | Application
    Peer Helping:  Video | Application
    Social Service Board: Video | Application
    Student Council: Video | Application
    Tri-ship Video:  Video | Application
    WNTH Radio:  Video | Application
    Trevia Yearbook:  Video  | If you are interested in joining yearbook as a new member for the first time, simply register for YEARBOOK JOURNALISM through the course selection process.  No experience needed and no application required!

  • Face Mask Instructions
    Click here to view Covid19 - Branded Face Mask Instructions.
  • Join Yearbook Staff Next Year!
    Trevia is now accepting new members for our 2021-2022 staff.  Flexible options are available, including enrolling for just one semester or opposite your science lab. Simply email your name and ID to Mr. Bond ( ) and and tell us which option you would like to sign up for.  Come join the fun and become a published writer and photographer as we make Trevia 2022 !


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