Class of 2020 Information

DVDs and Video Albums of Class of 2020 Virtual Ceremony

Delack Media Group, which produced the Virtual Ceremony for the Class of 2020, is offering DVDs and commemorative video albums available for sale. Delack will donate $5 of each sale to the New Trier Educational Foundation. Interested families can purchase DVDs and albums here:

The video albums need to be purchased by 6/7 at 8 p.m. DVDs will be available for a longer period of time.


May 22, 2020

Dear New Trier Families of the Class of 2020,

With support of the New Trier Parents' Association (NTPA), NTPA Grad Committee, Winnetka Police Department, New Trier Faculty, Staff, Administration, and the Board of Education, we look forward to celebrating the Class of 2020 on Sunday, May 31, 2020. Please review the following information with your senior and family to ensure a wonderful experience for each one of our seniors in a way that allows us to abide by the state's safety guidelines.  I sent this  Video message to seniors  along with this information this evening.

A Weekend to Honor the Class of 2020

Senior advisers and New Trier staff members will be delivering a personalized sign for each graduate to your homes next week. In addition, the NTPA Grad Committee, along with other parent volunteers, will assemble and deliver a package to each graduate's home. The NTPA package will include a white mortar board and blue/green ribbons for outdoor decorating. More details will follow from advisers and from the NTPA so you will know when to expect these items. If you wish to add to the celebration, we encourage you to decorate your car for the May 31 event. 

Virtual Ceremony

I will email families a link to the Virtual Ceremony on the morning of May 31.  We are opening the link at 12:00 p.m. for families to view together, near and far. The ceremony should take approximately one hour and thirty minutes. I also invite you to enjoy our New Trier Staff Class of 2020 Shoutout Videos shown during virtual prom and our Tribute to the New Trier Class of 2020 .

Class of 2020 Walk the Stage

Students will Walk the Stage on Trevian Way to pick up their diploma cover and take a professional photograph from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday, May 31. To allow for a smooth process and to minimize traffic issues, we ask that graduates come only during their assigned times, based on the first letter of their last names. You can find those times below. We also are limiting access to one car per family (or household in the case that the graduate has multiple households). Again, this is necessary to keep the event moving. Diplomas will be mailed to your homes at a later date. 

Students and families will enter the campus on Essex Road, following a normal school day traffic pattern. Staff members and NTPA representatives will greet each graduate and assure that there is only one car per graduate household. As families wait for their turn to enter Trevian Way, we will offer entertainment and special tributes to the Class of 2020.  Once your vehicle enters Trevian Way, staff will direct you to pull up to one of eight stages under tents, where your graduate will exit the car, be greeted by an administrator or Board of Education member, take a diploma cover, pose for a professional photograph on stage, and then return to their car. Due to state safety guidelines, only the graduate will be allowed to exit the car. Since all staff on hand will be wearing masks and will be socially distanced by at least six feet, graduates are not required to wear masks for the photograph . We will provide a complimentary image to each graduate, with details emailed after the ceremony. Cars will then exit Trevian Way onto Woodland Avenue. The attached map shows the entire route and traffic flow. 

In order to create a wonderful experience we divided the class alphabetically, and we ask families to kindly adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. One car per graduate household; if you wish to add to the celebration you are welcome and encouraged to decorate your car.
  2. No walkers allowed per safety guidelines. If you do not have a car or access to a car, please contact me at or 847-784-2200. 
  3. Abide by your time slot to create a great experience for everyone. This is the only way we can ensure all graduates who wish to walk the stage can do so. If you have an unavoidable conflict during your time slot, please call Ashley Rasch, Assistant to the Winnetka Campus Principal, at 847-784-2201 to find an alternative slot.   
  4. Everyone must remain inside their vehicle at all times, with the exception of the senior when they reach the stage. If your student needs assistance in accessing the stage or special accommodations please email or call 847-784-2201.
  5. Please follow the instructions of staff members and volunteers to keep the process moving smoothly.   

Time Slots by First Letter of Graduate's Last Name

Time                            Last Names Starting with the Letter

2:00-2:30                     A - B

2:30-3:00                     C - D

3:00-3:30                     E - F

3:30-4:00                     G - H

4:00-4:30                     I - K

4:30-5:00                     L - M

5:00-5:30                     N - P

5:30-6:00                     Q - R

6:00-6:30                     S

6:30-7:00                     T - Z

I know that this ceremony cannot replace our traditional commencement -- and we are committed to bringing this class together again when it is deemed safe to do so. However, I do hope that this opportunity to bring a bit of tradition and closure to the end of a very difficult school year will give our seniors and their families a chance to celebrate their hard work throughout their four years of high school. All of us at New Trier look forward to celebrating with you on May 31.


Denise Dubravec
Principal, Winnetka Campus


May 18, 2020

Dear New Trier Class of 2020 Parents and Guardians,

As we approach the end of your student's time at New Trier High School, I wanted to share how very proud I am of all of the graduates in our Class of 2020 for their compassion, perseverance, and maturity in the face of unprecedented challenges over the past few months. This should be a time of celebration as graduates close an important chapter of their lives and prepare for the independence and opportunities of young adulthood. I am so sorry that we cannot gather together and celebrate with the grand traditions and rites of passage we all have been anticipating since this class first entered the halls of New Trier. 

Earlier today I shared this video with our seniors as a tribute to their time together and a celebration of some of their memorable moments and wonderful accomplishments. I encourage you to take some time to enjoy these memories and messages from a few surprise guests.

Now that the governor's plan for Illinois' reopening has become more clear, I also wanted to let you know about some changes in our plans to celebrate the Class of 2020. We have decided to cancel the potential July 12 Sears Centre Commencement Ceremony . While we had held out hope that we could gather at that time, it has become clear that a gathering as large as our traditional ceremony is extremely unlikely to be possible by mid-July. Instead, we will move our virtual ceremony, along with an in-person Walk the Stage on Trevian Way, to the original commencement date of Sunday, May 31 . Details of this plan are below. 

We remain committed to celebrating this class together in person when circumstances allow. We hope that will be in late summer, when we could use our football stadium and adjacent fields for an in-person celebration - or multiple smaller celebrations. Planning is underway for these potential celebrations in collaboration with the NTPA. If late summer is not an option, we are looking at fall or winter breaks.  

May 31 Commencement - Virtual Ceremony and Walk the Stage on Trevian Way

We are planning a number of ways to mark the Class of 2020's commencement on the weekend of May 31. First, on Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31, senior advisers and other staff members will deliver personalized yard/window signs to every graduate. We are also working with the NTPA and Grad Committee to create a celebratory atmosphere both on campus and across the township, including an opportunity for students to walk the stage that day on Trevian Way. 

Virtual Commencement Ceremony

We will host a virtual commencement ceremony for our graduates from 12:00-1:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 31. This virtual ceremony will include many traditional elements of our in-person ceremony, including a senior speaker, an alumni speaker, acceptance of the class gift, a performance from the New Trier choir, and the reading of the names and photos of every graduate in the class. We will send a link in advance for you to share with your families, and the ceremony will be available online after the event as well. A printed commencement program will be mailed to every graduate later in the summer. 

Walk the Stage on Trevian Way!

Beginning at 2 p.m. on May 31, graduates will have a chance to walk the stage and get a photo on Trevian Way at the Winnetka Campus. We will assign times in alphabetical order based on the last name of the graduate to minimize traffic difficulties. Families will pull up to one of multiple stages, and graduates will receive a diploma cover from a Board of Education member or administrator and have their photo taken. We encourage graduates to dress up for this occasion.  To comply with social distancing rules and to keep the process moving, we will ask that only the graduate leave the car during this ceremony. 

Anyone handling diploma covers will wear gloves and masks. In collaboration with the NTPA, we are encouraging families to decorate their cars for this event with balloons, graduates' names, etc. 

Staff and police officers will be on site to help with traffic, to monitor social distancing, and to assist in keeping things moving. We are coordinating traffic and other details with the Winnetka Police and will provide more information closer to the date -- including your graduate's pick-up time, social distancing precautions, and other details. Diplomas will be mailed to all graduates later in the summer. 

Other End-of-School Year Information for the Class of 2020

Seniors' last day of instruction is Thursday, May 21 as originally scheduled. We are encouraging all seniors who wish to celebrate that day to post a photo of themselves in their last-day-of-school attire on Instagram with the hashtags #gotrevs and #newtrierseniors. 

The virtual Senior Awards Ceremony has been postponed to the second week of June, a decision we made after many colleges moved their acceptance dates to June 1. Seniors receiving recognition will receive more details and a link to that ceremony closer to the date. 

I know that none of these virtual and drive-up celebrations can replace the traditional New Trier commencement ceremony, but we hope that they can provide some closure and celebration for the hard work of our graduates at a time that they normally would be participating in our graduation traditions. Again, we will gather this class together for a send-off sometime in the future. We may not be able to tell you exactly when that will be right now, but please know that it will happen. Until then, I hope that they and you will enjoy these new traditions together on May 31. 


Denise Dubravec
Principal, Winnetka Campus


April 17, 2020

We know that the cancellation of the remainder of the school year is particularly devastating for our seniors, who have been looking forward to the traditions and celebrations that come with the significant milestone of graduating from high school. We will honor our seniors with some special surprises in the coming weeks as well as in person when it is safe to resume large gatherings. Celebrating this class and its accomplishments is important to all of us. 

We sent a message to parents and students of the Class of 2020 last week outlining our planning for senior celebrations and events. The governor's order changes those plans in these ways: 

  1. We no longer will be able to hold Prom. The dates we had planned fell within the school year and are no longer feasible. We are so sorry to have to cancel this formal dance. 
  2. The last day of school for seniors will remain as scheduled, May 21 .
  3. Senior Awards, scheduled for May 28 , will take place virtually. More details to follow. 
  4. Commencement cannot take place on May 31 as planned. We plan to mark that original date in a special way and continue to hold out hope that our back-up date of July 12 will allow us to gather together at the Sears Centre. If large gatherings are still prohibited in July, we will hold a virtual commencement on July 12 and will plan a future sendoff for the Class of 2020. 


April 9, 2020

Dear New Trier Parents, Guardians, and Students of the Class of 2020

We hope this message finds you and your family well.  The historic circumstances of these past several weeks have required difficult decisions for our administration and brought about unprecedented challenges for our students. We are proud of how our students, particularly those in the Class of 2020, have risen to those challenges.

Although Governor Pritzker has extended the mandatory school closure and the use of remote learning days until April 30, we are doing our best to continue our planning to honor and celebrate the Class of 2020. We want to make it clear: We WILL celebrate this amazing senior class. However, given the evolving nature of this pandemic, we cannot give you definitive answers about how or when those celebrations might take place. This note provides an update on our current planning for Prom, the Senior Awards Ceremony, Commencement, and the Graduation Party in conjunction with the New Trier Parents Association (NTPA). Please recognize that plans could change based on state or federal guidance on large gatherings.

We rescheduled our original Prom date of April 25 to May 16 when state officials first placed restrictions on large group gatherings.  We will continue to work closely with our vendor, the Hyatt Regency of Chicago, and look at other options if we cannot hold the dance on May 16.

Senior Awards
Senior Awards are scheduled for May 28 at 7:00 p.m. at New Trier High School in the Gaffney Auditorium.  If the state gathering restrictions are not lifted before the 28th, we will hold a Virtual Senior Awards Ceremony for students and families.  More information to come.

Commencement and Graduation Party
We are holding out hope that we will be able to have our scheduled commencement ceremony on May 31 at 3:00 p.m. at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates.  We recognize the situation is fluid, so we are planning for possible alternatives depending on when the gathering restrictions are lifted.  We recently secured a commencement back-up date of July 12 at the Sears Centre Arena.  The NTPA has been working closely with the administration to reschedule the Graduation Party to match any possible commencement ceremony.

If we are not able to celebrate in person on either of these dates, we are envisioning a virtual commencement ceremony on July 12.  While we know it will not be able to match the traditional commencement ceremony, we will convene online and award diplomas so that everyone will be recognized and have an opportunity to celebrate this momentous occasion together.  That ceremony would include a student and alumni speaker, as well as participation from the choir and orchestra in a virtual format.

We know that delaying or eliminating the in-person commencement ceremony would be heartbreaking for many of you, as it would be for us, and we hold out hope that we will be able to gather together for a final send-off befitting of our seniors.

We will continue to work with the best information we have, always prioritizing the health, safety, and well-being of our community and beyond.  We will be taking the time to consider the various options as they evolve to make sure we mark commencement in a meaningful way.  In the meantime, we are working on special tributes via video and social media to keep our seniors' spirits up in this difficult time.

We will provide you with more information about senior events as our options become more clear.  Please visit our website and COVID-19 web page for the latest New Trier updates.

Denise Dubravec
Principal New Trier High School -Winnetka Campus
385 Winnetka Ave. Winnetka, Il 60093


Download video - May 31, 2020 Senior Celebrations