March 30, 2020

Dear New Trier Families,

I want to start by thanking you for your support and patience during this very difficult time. The positive attitude of our students and parents has meant the world to our teachers and staff members. I wish I could talk to you all in person, but this video message will have to do for now. In it, I explain some of the underlying challenges for our next phase of remote learning, including translating good instructional principles into a new learning environment, providing community and connectedness for students, and embedding flexibility and compassion into a new system. Please take a few minutes to listen. I promise to take video production lessons in the near future!

Starting on Wednesday, April 1, we will be moving into a new phase of Trevian Remote Learning : the Grey/Blue/Green schedule.

Trevian Remote Learning Days Schedule

This is the calendar for April, both for the two weeks we have announced our closure and for subsequent weeks in case that closure is extended:

APRIL Remote Learning full month

The goals of the Grey/Blue/Green schedule include providing more opportunities for students to have personal connections with teachers and peers, offering more structure for students and teachers, and making remote learning manageable and flexible. Each day, students still must check in with their adviser's Canvas page by 8:15 a.m. They will no longer have daily check-in assignments in every class, but instead will engage with each class on different days depending on the schedule.

On Blue and Green Days, students should expect to participate in some sort of active learning during their scheduled class periods. All points I made in the video apply here. This learning may take a variety of formats, including pre-taped video lessons, Zoom video conferencing, synchronous and asynchronous group work, Canvas discussions, and other options. The variety of instructional methods is good for both students and teachers. Parents and guardians should review the Audio/Video Learning Notice on the New Trier website for details about the privacy and security of student information in this new learning environment. Teachers may assign work to be turned in by the time the class next meets.

On Grey Days, students should expect to have independent work to complete in many of their classes. They can schedule time to meet with teachers during their virtual office hours and/or submit questions via Canvas messaging.

A detailed explanation of the goals of the Grey/Blue/Green schedule, teacher and student expectations on Trevian Remote Learning Days, and an FAQ can be found on the Trevian Remote Learning web page.

Please remember that our COVID-19 web page is your best resource for school information about our closure, with links that include Trevian Remote Learning, Special Education Services, Mental Health Resources, Testing Updates, and Financial Assistance information for any families experiencing hardship during this time.

We look forward to beginning this new phase of Trevian Remote Learning and will be seeking student and parent input after these next two weeks. Thank you, as always, for your partnership in keeping our students' learning moving forward.


Dr. Paul Sally