Special Education Services

New Trier High School District is responsible for ensuring students with disabilities have equal access to the same educational opportunities as general education students, as well as the provision of a free appropriate public education. During school closures, all students are receiving e-Learning opportunities to support continued educational access. Students with disabilities will have equal access to the e-Learning opportunities, which may be modified and altered depending on the individual needs of each student with a disability. During school closures and e-Learning days, students with disabilities will be provided support for completion of learning activities and assignments, as well as regular access to teachers and service providers for support to assist students in the e-Learning process. However, during school closures, the nature of instruction, related services, and support will look different given the unavoidable limitations of distance learning. New Trier High School District understands this creates a hardship on everyone involved, especially students and families. The District appreciates parent collaboration during this time and will continue to communicate with families while schools are closed.