Grey Day Student Support

On Grey Days, students will engage in asynchronous work in their classes as well as access synchronous support services, such as one-on-one appointments with teachers and student services faculty/staff. Students also can access the many all-school tutoring and wellness support services listed in the chart below.

Additional Grey Day Resources and Guidelines

Academic & SEL Supports for All Students


Resource Links Description Campus Contact
Academic Assistance Center Adult tutors, mostly retired NT teachers, can help students in algebra, biology, geometry, physics, Spanish, German, geoscience, and reading/writing. AAC webpage . NF

Ms. Stephanie Moretta

MCL Academic Zoom Support MCL teachers can help students in all 7 languages, and also offer support in study tips and organizational strategies. NF & WN

Ms. Kerri Simons


Math Resource Center Peer tutors and math teachers can help their classmates with math assignments in courses across the curriculum. WN

Mr. Robert Berlin


Reading & Writing Center Peer tutors can help their classmates with reading and writing assignments across the curriculum. Tutors also help students learn content in English, Science, Social Studies, and MCL. RWC webpage . WN

Ms. Meg Garton


Library " Zoom with a Librarian " Librarians can help students locate research in online databases and our catalog. Librarians are also available to help with bibliography citations and Works Cited pages. NF & WN

Ms. Erika Immel


Peer Student Tutoring Student Tutoring has 60 trained tutors available to help students in all academic subjects. Tutors can help with organization, time management, and homework completion. Meeting schedules are flexible. NF & WN

Ms. Tracy Smith & Ms. Mary Mitchell

Social Emotional

New Trier Wellness Workshops Information and access to NT wellness workshops; and online, on-demand mindfulness and counseling resources. NF & WN

Ms. Kristine Hummel


Meet with a social work or student assistance social worker. Students can make an appointment using the link found on their adviser's Canvas page NF & WN Contact your adviser
Social Work Webpage Information on counseling resources, crisis hotlines, hospitals, and some helpful articles. NF & WN

Winnetka-Ms. Tiffany Myers


Northfield-Mr. Dan Paustian


Mental Health Advisery Board

Students can join the Mental Health Advisery Board (MHAB) by notifying their adviser of their interest. MHAB meets once per month.

The Board's role is to provide feedback, suggestions, and input regarding mental health prevention-related needs at NT.


Ms. Kristine Hummel