Partnership Teams

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  Partnership/Advisory Team
  In Applied Arts we strive to provide authentic real-world experiences to our students. To achieve this goal, we continuously seek the generous support of our community. Currently, we are inviting parents, professionals and community members whose backgrounds or professions relate to our curriculum to join our Partnership/Advisory Team.

The team will meet one or two nights during the school year. If you would like to join our team, but cannot commit to attend our meetings, we encourage you to consider any of the following ways you could contribute to the development of our academic program:

• Curriculum Development: keep instructors apprised of industry trends and technological advances
• Guest Presenter: are you or do you employ experts who could speak or give a demonstration?
• Site Visits: allow students to observe your work site to expose them to the wide variety of options
• Mentorships: spend time with students or faculty, providing your expertise on related activities
• Class Projects: assist with the creation of a class project that benefits the school or community
• Resources: provide in-kind donations (equipment, materials, software, or other supplies
• Advocacy: articulate our program to other community members
• Share knowledge: Answer email questions that might arise throughout the year

By filling out the below form you will be added to our e-mail list and you can choose your level of participation throughout a given school year.