eBooks @ New Trier

New Trier works hand-in-hand with teachers and department leadership to evaluate eBook/digital textbook options for all courses. Not every classroom will use digital texts (i.e., eBooks, Apple Books, supersites, or open educational resources (OER), such as OpenStax, as some textbooks or specific editions are simply not available in a digital format, the textbook may only be available digitally, or the iPad eReader does not deliver a satisfactory user experience. To learn more about the features and functions of eReader apps, click HERE .


In most cases,  eBooks offer a number of benefits beyond print textbooks. eBooks frequently cost less than their physical counterparts.  In a 1:1 environment, digital textbook content and readers can be downloaded to the individual student's iPad for use in and out of the classroom.  In this format they are easily transported and used in class.  Specialized eBook features can include bookmarking, in-text highlighting, and note-taking, as well as access to online glossaries, supplemental materials such as videos and web page links, and interactives as.  For some course digital textbooks, teachers are able to create assignments through the platform.  Support for eBook use is provided by the Technology Department.


In most cases, students who purchase eBooks will receive login information and instructions on how to download an electronic book or access digital texts from the web. With this in mind, students are reminded to keep all materials and receipts for your newly-purchased books so you do not inadvertently discard your eBook download login information and instructions. 

Please do NOT open your eBook code envelopes or redeem your access codes until your teacher gives specific instructions on that first day of school.