Parent Support Network (PSN)


New Trier High School strives to promote healthy lifestyles, attitudes, and behaviors for students, parents, teachers and staff.  Establishing clear limits and boundaries with teens around alcohol and drug use has been identified as an area parents find both challenging and sometimes isolating.  We are continuing to offer the Parent Support Network (PSN) program to facilitate communication amongst parents, between parents and their children, and within the community, so parents do not feel alone in their efforts.  Over 500 families have participated each year.

Participation in the PSN means that you support a set of guidelines established to set clear limits for our teens around substance use, that you agree to have your name listed in an online directory, and that you welcome communication from other participants.  The online directory consists of the names and contact information of all participating parents.  All NT parents will also receive electronic newsletters throughout the school year regarding prevention information and workshops.

The agreement to be part of the PSN is not a legally binding contract.  It asks parents to the best of their ability to support the following guidelines:

  1. No provision or allowance of alcohol or any other drug to other people's children while they are in your home(s)
  2. To the best of your ability, not allow un-chaperoned parties in your home
  3. Welcome communication from/between parents about alcohol/drug use and social gatherings (e.g.  "Are you going to be home to chaperone?", "My daughter told me she would be spending the night at your home tonight, will you be there?")

As you consider participating, please take into account that New Trier students consistently say the number one external reason why they don't use substances is because of their parent's rules.  (Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2002-2016). 

If you would like to participate, SIGN UP HERE

If you have more than one student to be listed in the directory, you must register each student separately.  If you were a previous participant in last year's PSN, you must register again.  The directory is updated each year.  (Please note you will receive access to the PSN online directory only if you sign up)

If you have questions please contact Kristine Hummel, Student Assistance Program Coordinator at 847-784-2113 or