Reopening Advisory Board


New Trier High School has established a Reopening Advisory Board (RAB) to give input, assess metrics, and make recommendations as the District considers whether to move between steps on the Reopening Ladder in its 2020-2021 Reopening and Operational Plan . The RAB includes representation from parents, students, medical professionals, faculty, staff, administration, and the Board of Education. Superintendent Paul Sally created the Board in an advisory capacity. All reopening decisions ultimately rest with the Superintendent and the Board of Education.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Reopening Advisory Board

  1. Give input on structure of operational and COVID metrics for New Trier's Ladder to Reopening
  2. Provide input on thresholds for metrics based on information from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH), and RAB medical professional consultants
  3. Review operational metrics on an ongoing basis to ensure safety for students and staff on the current step of the ladder
  4. Provide questions for the RAB medical professional consultants on an ongoing basis
  5. Provide guidance and recommendations for the appropriate step for the school on New Trier's Ladder to Reopening
  6. Bring the perspective of their areas and roles while working to find the best solution for all members of New Trier's educational community

Metrics and Thresholds

To have an accurate picture of COVID-19 data affecting New Trier High School, the District must consider both local New Trier Township data and a wider region around our area. The areas where New Trier staff live and where New Trier families spend time are broader than just New Trier Township, so a full picture is essential to assess the risk of increasing the spread of the virus. New Trier, in consultation with the RAB, is finalizing data sources with public health officials and medical consultants to determine its reopening metrics and thresholds.

Here are sources available on CCDPH and IDPH websites:

Members of the Reopening Advisory Board

Julie Bar, Mathematics Faculty
Kenneth Dolin, Student
Denise Dubravec, Principal, Winnetka Campus
Jayden Fogel, Student
Bill Franz, Physical Plant Services Staff
Jean Hahn, Board of Education
Tim Hayes, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services
Kathy Heublein, English/Social Studies Department Assistant
Chris Johnson, Associate Superintendent
Annie Kirschbaum, Special Education Faculty
Sean O'Grady, Parent
Joanne Panopoulos, Assistant Superintendent for Special Education
Susie Paunan, Senior Girls Adviser Chair
Anne Marie Ricchio, School Nurse
Morgan Riegert, Instructional Assistant
Frank Salerno, Science Faculty
Paul Sally, Superintendent
Paul Waechtler, Principal, Northfield Campus
Julia Werner, Parent

Medical Professional Consultants

Dr. Nancy Burgoyne, Mental Health Professional, The Family Institute at Northwestern University
Dr. Rachel Goodman, Pediatrician - Elm Street Pediatrics, Winnetka
Dr. Jeff Semel, Infectious Disease Specialist, NorthShore University Health Systems
Dr. Alicia M. Siston, Managing Director, Epidemiology and Population Health Management, Siston & Associates, LLC
Dr. Nallely Mora, MD MPH, Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health, Loyola University

Ladder to Reopening

New Trier has developed a Ladder to Reopening to help guide our school through various stages of the pandemic for the 2020-2021 school year. The Reopening Advisory Board will work to provide recommendations to establish the metrics and thresholds used and to help determine movement up and down the ladder. As state and local guidance changes, those changes will be integrated into New Trier's metrics.

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