Trevian Remote Learning Days

Trevian Remote Learning Days are meant to assure that students can continue to move forward with their education in this period of time when school is closed. Instructional methods will vary from course to course, but all remote instruction will be meaningful and will keep students on pace to continue their coursework until school can reopen. As we transition into a more extended closure period, we have a few underlying principles to make this time period as successful as possible for our students.  Please watch this short video where Dr. Sally talks about these principles. 

For specific information about the school's response to COVID-19, including updates on school closure decisions, state and public health guidance, financial assistance, mental health resources, and other information, please visit our COVID-19 web page .


These expectations are aimed at providing structure to a process that is new for the school. 

The goal of these expectations is to keep learning moving forward for students over an extended period of remote learning, while trying to ensure that the daily demands for students, teachers, and families are manageable. 

Above all else, everyone needs to be flexible. Our teachers understand the pressures and anxiety that students are facing and are committed to being flexible in terms of student technical difficulties and deadlines, especially for graded assignments. Students need to be flexible in terms of technical difficulties and teacher response times. Parents need to be patient with both students and teachers as we try new methods to provide authentic learning experiences and move learning forward and understand that teachers are experiencing the same uncertainty and disruption in their lives and are doing the best to meet the needs of our students. We appreciate everyone working together and doing the best they can in a unique situation for the good of the students and their learning.


Each day of Trevian Remote learning will be designated as a Blue, Green or Grey Day. 

Trevian Remote Learning Days Schedule

This is the planned schedule for the remainder of the school year, updated April 17 given the governor's order to keep schools closed

June 2020 Remote Learning Calendar


  • Facilitate personal connections in learning with more synchronous student-to-student and teacher-to-student interaction
  • Provide structure, routines, and rhythms that are familiar to students and teachers to help students plan their daily assignments and pace their work
  • Design a schedule in which students can access each one of their classes and their teachers and their classmates
  • Create a schedule that is easy to follow
  • Provide regular professional development and collaboration time for teachers and independent learning time for students
  • Manageable and flexible for students and teachers
  • Engage students in authentic and productive learning, providing them purpose in this difficult time.


  • Check in with your adviser's Canvas page by 8:15 a.m. 
  • On Blue and Green Days, attend classes and/or complete assignments during the assigned class periods each day. You will be marked absent if you do not participate in a class meeting and/or complete an assignment. Teachers will be flexible in understanding that the learning environment can be limiting at times. 
  • If you are ill and cannot work on a day, your parents must contact your adviser in the usual manner.  Any work due will be made up per teacher instructions.
  • Check school email and the New Trier web page in the morning for general communications from the school.
  • If you receive individualized services through special education or other departments, follow the plan determined by the adult with whom you are working.
  • Students should communicate with teachers about daily and long-term assignments via Canvas messaging. Teachers generally will be available during their class periods on Blue and Green Days and during their department's office hours on Grey Days, but their teaching environment may limit that at times. You may not receive an immediate response to questions presented outside of these times, though teachers will make every effort to respond to questions in a timely manner.  
  • Students must complete assignments by the due dates assigned by each teacher in Canvas, but teachers will be flexible as student learning conditions may limit them at times. 


The use of video conferencing allows us to create a sense of community, connect with each other, and learn together. The virtual space should be welcoming and safe for all students and should be treated in the same respectful manner we expect in the regular classroom. All school rules apply as detailed in the Student Guidebook . Students violating these rules are subject to disciplinary measures.

Zoom video conferencing expectations:

  • Use your official NTHS Zoom account connected to your NTHS email address
  • Identify yourself with the name you normally use in your classroom
  • Do not share username, password or Zoom links with others
  • Normal rules regarding dress, language, and behavior apply


  • On Blue and Green Days, provide active or longer-term assignments, including opportunities for real-time interactions as appropriate.  
  • On Grey Days, be available for students during assigned office hours whenever possible. Provide alternative times or methods for student questions/discussions if you cannot meet during office hours. Both active learning and longer-term assignments should be meaningful yet manageable for a student's total workload.
  • Indicate the method for students to turn in the assignment electronically. Recognize that students may not have printers at home.
  • Include due dates on all assignments. 
  • Respond to Canvas messages on a timely basis.
  • Coordinate with department and course committees as needed regarding pacing and assignments.
  • Communicate with students and advisers with any concerns about attendance and progress.
  • Take class attendance on PowerSchool daily by 9:00 p.m.
  • Remote Learning Resources


Q:What should a student expect on a Blue/Green Day? ?
A: On Blue and Green Days, students will attend class during the assigned periods and should expect active learning in the classes meeting each day. This learning may take a variety of formats, including Zoom video conferencing, group work, virtual whiteboards, pre-taped video lessons, assessments, and other options. Teachers may assign work to be turned in by the time the class next meets. Please refer to our Zoom video conferencing guide for students for more information about this resource. 

Q: What should a student expect on a Grey Day? 
A: On Grey Days, students should expect to have independent work to complete in many of their classes. They can schedule time to meet with teachers during their virtual office hours and submit questions via Canvas messaging. 

Q: Will students have "homework"? Will school work need to be done after 3:00 p.m.?
A: Our teachers know that the overall workload must be manageable for a student while moving student learning forward. The work that is assigned each day will likely include both work that needs to be turned in during an active class period and work that is needed to prepare for the next class meeting. We do not want or expect that students will have the amount of homework they would have been assigned if they were in school. If you have concerns about the amount of time your student is spending on class work, please contact the student's teacher. 

Q: What about a student who does not have home internet access?
A: On the Winnetka Campus, contact Ms. Athena Arvanitis, Assistant Principal, 847-784-2263,
On the Northfield Campus, contact Ms. Gail Gamrath, Assistant Principal, 847-784-7503, .

Q: Should teachers and students be available throughout the day?
A: Teachers generally will be available to students in the class periods in which they normally meet on Blue and Green Days and during office hours on Grey Days. Outside of these times, teachers should check their Canvas messages periodically and respond as needed. Students should engage in learning during scheduled class periods on Blue/Green Days.  

Q: What should I do if I am having trouble accessing material or participating in a real-time discussion?
A: Many of our teachers and students are engaging in remote learning for the first time, so please contact the teacher and have patience. Contact if you need technical support.

Q: How will these remote learning days affect my grades? 
A: At this time, the Illinois State Board of Education has issued guidelines that give school districts flexibility in grading but suggest that remote learning should not harm a student's grade. New Trier is examining different options for grading that honor these guidelines. Students who do not engage in remote learning may receive an incomplete in a course. We will provide more information on remote learning grading practices soon. 

Q: Are students expected to cover the same amount of material and the same curriculum they would have if they were in school during this time?
A: We want to move learning forward in a way that will allow students to be successful in future units or courses. However, we understand that this situation is both unique and stressful for students and teachers. It is not possible to deliver the same experience or the same curriculum as if students were in the classroom each day. Teachers will be adjusting their fourth-quarter curricula to distill lessons to the essential understandings, concepts, and skills most necessary as building blocks for future learning. 

Q: What do I do if I need technical support?
A: Please contact .

Q: How can freshmen access the AAC during remote learning?
A: The AAC tutors are using ZOOM to assist students. Here is the AAC E-Learning Schedule , or go to the AAC website, .