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Congratulations to our swimmers and divers on our 15th state title in team history! Swimmers and divers dominated the first ever state championship at the FMC Natatorium with seven team records, two state records, and four event championships. Go Trevs
State Qualifiers:
Olivia Safarikova, Connie Gillum, Charlie Escasa, Meagan Meade, Sydney Holder, Amelia Haveron, Carly Novelline, Kaelyn Gridley, Alexis Wendel, Leslie Wendel, Jane Sanderson 
State Finalists:

200 Medley Relay - STATE RECORD, TEAM RECORD - Carly Novelline, Kaelyn Gridley, Alexis Wendel, Charlie Escasa (STATE CHAMP)

50 Free - Kaelyn Gridley (3rd place)

Diving - Sydney Holder (3rd place)

Diving - Amelia Haveron (11th place)

100 Fly - Alexis Wendel (7th place) - TEAM RECORD

100 Fly - Leslie Wendel (11th place)

100 Free - TEAM RECORD - Carly Novelline (2nd place)

200 Free Relay - TEAM RECORD - Charlie Escasa, Connie Gillum, Kaelyn Gridley, Jane Sanderson (2nd place)

100 Back - TEAM RECORD - Carly Novelline (STATE CHAMP)

100 Breast - STATE RECORD, TEAM RECORD - Kaelyn Gridley (STATE CHAMP)

100 Breast - Charlie Escasa (3rd place)

400 Free Relay - TEAM RECORD Leslie Wendel, Jane Sanderson, Megan Meade, Carly Novelline (STATE CHAMP)