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Program Philosophy


  • Honor and respect the game, teammates, opponents, officials and coaches.
  • Play Hard - give maximum effort, enjoy being pushed or challenged, hustle, contribute.
  • Play Smart - continue to learn and improve, refuse to let mistakes or fear of mistakes stop you.
  • Play Together - be selfless, put team first, show enthusiasm, care for teammates and push them to get better.
  • Be the most competitive team on the field and strive to play at the highest competitive level, being your best when the best is needed and be able to handle pressure.
  • Be the best conditioned team on the field.
  • Be double goal coaches that focus on both winning and teaching life skills.


  • Take risks, learn from mistakes and improve each day.
  • Always give your best, be competitive and play with 'relaxed intensity'.
  • Expect adversity, learn how to deal with it and handle pressure and show mental toughness.
  • Be a student of the game and push yourself to constantly learn more.
  • Be selfless, put others first and be willing to sacrifice for the team.
  • Hustle everywhere and don't talk during practice drills.
  • Take care of yourself; nutrition, sleep, hydration, prioritize and deal with stress.
  • Represent the team and program with pride and respect.
  • Compete in everything that you do, push others to improve.
  • Know your position and role on your team.


  • Don't worry about things you can't control and don't talk to the officials.
  • Hustle everywhere, never give up.
  • Own the draws and be first to the ball to control the ground balls.
  • Play smart, aggressive, pressure defense.
  • Be patient, take smart shots and recognize when to push the ball, when to pass and when to shoot.
  • Pressure the ball on defense, force turnovers and know when to slide to help your teammates.
  • Recognize where play starts for a goal; a turnover, groundball or save.



  • If you are sick or not at school or leave early, your coaches must be notified by leaving a message. Do not let your coaches know of your absence by relaying the message through a teammate, it will be considered unexcused.
  • If you didn't go to school for ½ the day, you can't practice or play. If you are going to miss an upcoming practice, a note must be presented in writing or your parent must call your coach and your absence must be cleared by your coach.
  • If any practice or games are missed and considered unexcused, there will be consequences and will be handled per situation by the coaching staff and athletic department.


  • Athletes must bring 2 mouthguards, water bottle, practice pinnie and wear blue, green, white, black or gray to practice. Always have cleats and athletic shoes to be inside or outside. No jewelry may be worn. No mouthguard, no practice!
  • Always hustle, both during a drill and to the next drill.
  • Never talk during a drill or team meeting.
  • Athletes will not be allowed to leave practice until the field is clean and picked up.
  • Athletes who have injuries will not be allowed to practice until they see the athletic trainer for treatment of injuries. Any athlete with asthma needs to have her inhaler.


  • We will travel to and from away games in the bus and as a team. Athletes will only be allowed to travel home with parents for unusual situations if a note is presented in writing or a parent calls and it is cleared by your coach the day prior to the game.
  • All players will wear New Trier gear to away games and overnight trips. Even if they are injured and not playing.
  • During games, all athletes must wear white mid or high socks, have their warm-ups and pinnie. All shirts (long or short sleeve) worn under your jersey must be navy blue. All spandex or leggings must be navy.
  • For away games, know the bus time, bring a change of shoes, water and a healthy snack.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct from players on the field or from the bench will result in immediate disciplinary action. We pride ourselves on honoring the game. Players must clean up the field after each game.


Student Athletes

  • Must pass 40 credits or 4 majors each week
  • Stay on top of all school work and communicate problems with coaches
  • Abide by Athletic Code
  • Attend all practices and games
  • Personally talk with coach about excused absences before they occur
  • Listen to coaches
  • Be on time
  • Be responsible toward caring for equipment and uniforms
  • Play hard and hustle everywhere
  • Report any injury to coach and then trainer
  • Accept disciplinary action taken by coaches
  • Always be in proper attire and prepared for practices and competitions
  • Travel with the team to and from away competitions
  • Represent the team and program with pride and respect
  • Be a constant learner
  • Honor the game
  • Be selfless, put teammates first, sacrifice personal considerations for the good of the team
  • Refuse to let mistakes or the fear of making mistakes stop you
  • Always give your best effort and never go through the motions


  • Encourage daughter to talk to coach
  • Be supportive at games and positive in your expressions
  • Support Athletic Code
  • Recognize need for flexible practice and game schedule
  • Assist in making this an enjoyable experience for your daughter
  • If you would like to talk with a coach, please call them or set up a time to meet. Right after the game is not the time to talk to the coaches.
  • We will talk with players about playing time, not parents.