Social Work Support Groups

If you are interested in joining or finding out more information about one the groups, please stop by Room 225.

These groups are need-based support groups. When there are enough interested students we will run a group. These groups will meet weekly during rotating periods so students should only miss one class per quarter. Students joining these groups are responsible for making up work from the class they missed. All students attending a support group will be administratively excused for that period. Dates and times for groups will be determined each school year.

  • ADOPTION SUPPORT - Adopted students explore issues of adolescence
  • ANGER MANAGEMENT GROUP - Find more constructive ways to manage anger
  • MANGOS -Support group for students who have suffered the loss of a parent or sibling
  • MISSING PEACE - Children of divorce support. Students will focus on relationships with parent, siblings, transitions and family dynamics
  • RAFT- This support group will help students deal with the stress of family members and/or close friends who are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
  • RAIN - Provide support for students who have a family member with a mental, physical or developmental disability will find understanding related to home events
  • RECOVERY- Provides support for students who are working to maintain abstinence from alcohol, drugs or other processed addictions. Students MUST be committed to working on sobriety issues.
  • REFLECTIONS - Students will explore their attitudes, behaviors and emotions revolving around body image, and practice strategies for redirecting the harmful behavior
  • STRESS & ANXIETY MANAGEMENT -Learn strategies to help manage anxiety and stress.
  • TIBS - Provides support for students recovering from eating disorders who have received some treatment


These are groups of students who share an identity and meet in a supportive environment to share experiences, socialize, communicate, and educate.

  • BLACK AND BROWN CLUB (Northfield Campus)
  • BLACK STUDENT ALLIANCE (Winnetka Campus)
  • SKITTLES - For students identifying as LGBTQ+
  • WAYA - For students identifying as multi-racial

The Social Work Department, in collaboration with other faculty, is offering support groups for our students. For further information or to make a referral, please the Social Work Department at #2251.