Using the Content App.

  • Section Configurations

    Section configurations are used to create a collection of starter pages users can use. These configurations ensure pages look consistent even when different users are creating them.
    View or create your section configurations in Section Assets. Make configurations active or inactive. Copy or delete configurations. Select a configuration name to edit it.

    Video: Move a section

    Video: Move a section explains how to move a section in Web Community Manager


    Create Section Configurations

    You can use the default configurations or create a collection of page types you want to use.

    1. From Site Manager select CONFIGURE.
    2. Select Section Assets and Section Configurations.
    3. Select New Configuration.
    4. Type a name.
    5. Optionally, type a description.
    6. Select Save. The Section Configurations window displays.
    7. Find the configuration and select the name.
    8. Select Pages and select Add Page.
    9. Type a page name.
    10. Select the type of page you want from the Page Type menu.
    11. Select Save.
    12. Repeat until you have all the pages you want in your configuration.


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