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    The New Trier Athletic Hall of Honor will recognize and honor head coaches, assistant coaches, and at-large nominees for their significant contributions to New Trier Athletics. Candidates must satisfy the minimum criteria outlined below and must have consistently represented and embodied the New Trier High School Athletic Department Mission Statement throughout their careers.

    Athletic Department Mission Statement:
    New Trier Athletic programs will provide an experience that fosters an emotional, physical and intellectual foundation for growth and well-being. The New Trier institutional motto, "To commit minds to inquiry, hearts to compassion, and lives to the service of humanity," serves as a reminder that these programs provide a direct connection to the quality of our students' educational experiences now and in the future.

    Nominations may be made in one of the following categories: Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and at-large candidates. Consideration will be given to individuals who have served New Trier, New Trier East, and/or New Trier West during their tenures, provided that they meet the criteria listed below.

    Please note: Student-Athletes will not be considered for nomination.

    Minimum Criteria for consideration:

    Head Coach:

    • Twenty years or more of coaching experience, including a minimum of 10 years as a New Trier Head coach.
    • Must have exemplified and portrayed New Trier Athletic Department Mission Statement throughout career.

    Assistant Coach:

    • Twenty-five years or more of coaching experience, including a minimum of 20 years at New Trier.
    • Must have exemplified New Trier Athletic Department Mission Statement throughout career.

    At-Large Nominees:

    • At-large nominations may include administrators, coaches, and any individuals, excluding student-athletes, who have made a significant impact on athletics at New Trier High School.


    • Head and Assistant coaches must be retired from New Trier High School at least three years prior to being nominated.
    • Nominations may be submitted by anyone with knowledge of the nominee's accomplishments.
    • Applications will remain active and on file for three years.
    • Nominations will be voted on by a confidential committee. The committee will comprise of the Athletic Director, Assistant Athletic Directors, Principal, and selected head coaches.
    • There is no limit of times a candidate may be nominated.

    Inductees will be notified of their acceptance in the fall prior to their induction.
    Recipients will be inducted into the Hall of Honor at a varsity athletic event during the school year (winter season), including a dinner reception.
    Their name will be displayed in the Hall of Honor at the Winnetka Campus.

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