Schedule Change Requests

  • Annually, New Trier students complete a course request process during the spring semester.  This process includes comprehensive input from the student as well as their family, Adviser, teachers, and other New Trier staff.  The goal of this process is to capture each student’s interests, aspirations, and needs through the development of a course schedule for the following school year.

    It is recognized that students’ needs, interests, and aspirations are dynamic and may change from when they request classes to when they are actually enrolled.  For this reason, students and families may request a change to a student’s course schedule.  These requests are reviewed on an individual basis.  The decision to make a schedule change includes a process that requires input from and discussions from the classroom teacher, department chairs, and/or Graduating Class Team. 

    The timing of when a student’s schedule is changed influences the educational experience for the student as well as the teaching and learning environment in our New Trier classrooms.  Because of this, most changes are encouraged to be made prior to the start of each semester, and after a semester starts, many changes will be delayed until the following semester.

Following are guidelines and details regarding requesting a student schedule change.

  • Types of Schedule Changes and Timing

  • Request Processes

  • Special Needs and Circumstances

  • Class Registration

Scheduler Contact Information

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