• Winnetka Campus - Room 027
  • The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a comprehensive model for delivering prevention, intervention, and support services for students and their families. Encouraging healthy lifestyles, attitudes, and behaviors is the goal of prevention and intervention services that include classroom and adviser room presentations, all-school awareness programs, Youth Risk Behavior and Perception Survey data, the Parent Support Network, and the Prevention Team. The intervention component involves a partnership with the student, family, and school support team to develop a plan for assistance that may include a referral for various school or community-based services. For example, when a parent or guardian has a concern about a possible substance abuse or body image issue, the SAP Coordinator/Liaison can meet with the student and family to identify appropriate resources within the school or community. Students are encouraged to participate in the in-school support groups when available and become involved in other school or community activities that will further enhance healthy development. In addition, SAP faculty work collaboratively with numerous school and community organizations, including our North Shore Coalition for Drug-Free Communities, K.E.Y., which stands for “Knowledge Empowers Youth,” to provide and support ongoing health and wellness educational initiatives.

  • Trev Tips: Anonymous Reporting
  • Text a Tip
  • Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Resources
  • Support Groups
  • Stress Management Resources
  • Parent Support Network
  • Handling Grief Resources
  • QPR Procedures
  • Coping after a Mass Shooting

Student Assistance Program Contact Information

  • Winnetka
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