• The right to attend school tuition-free at New Trier High School is extended to residents who live within the District 203 boundaries. To be a legal resident of District 203, a student must reside with one of the following:

    • Natural or adoptive parents listed on the birth certificate
    • A court-ordered guardian
    • An adult that receives public aid on behalf of the student
    • An adult who has assumed and exercises responsibility for the student and who provides him/her a fixed, nighttime abode. The student must eat and sleep at the adult's residence on a regular basis.

    Property owners in District 203 who do not live at the property are NOT legal residents and their students DO NOT QUALIFY to attend school on a tuition-free basis.

  • Proof of Residency

  • Submitting All Documents

  • IEP, Special Education, or ESL Services

  • Placement Test

  • Scheduling Conference